It didn’t catch fire quite as fast as theVeronica Mars movie, but Zach Braff‘s Kickstarter to create a follow-up to Garden State reached its $2 million goal in short order.

On Saturday, the Scrubs star’s project, titled Wish I Was Here, hit $2 million in funding thanks to over 28,000 backers listed on the crowdfunding website. The Kickstarter was launched on Wednesday.

“Dear Fans, I cannot believe your unbelievable support for WIWH. I wish I could hug each and every one of you,” wrote the actor and director Friday on Twitter.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the week,  Zach Braff explained why he went the Kickstarter route for the new film, saying that he wanted to maintain control over certain creative aspects of the film.

“Now financiers are fine for lots of projects and it works out perfectly for many movies, but when you’re trying to make these smaller personal art films, the idea of giving final cut away to someone else, it doesn’t make any sense for me,” Braff told THR.

The Garden State director will, however, allow backers of the film to be mentioned or appear in Wish I Was Here. For $200 pledged, the director will feature a backer’s name written in graffiti on a wall that the main character walks by.

For $3,000 pledged, a backer will get the opportunity to be an extra in the movie.