YouTube Announces Live-Streaming for Android Games

With the game streaming being extremely popular these days, YouTube has picked the first day of the Tokyo Game Show to announce that Android gamers will soon have the ability to live stream their mobile gaming sessions directly to the service.

The announcement was made to some degree because of the ever rising popularity of mobile gaming in Japan, which is the reason YouTube likewise revealed that the country would be the next to get a version of the YouTube Gaming app.

In an announcement, YouTube’s Global Head of Gaming Partnerships Ryan Wyatt said “Japan’s mobile games defines its gaming society, significantly more so than in different countries,” and that the mobile gaming trend” demonstrates there’s a real requirement for gamers to effectively share what’s on their screen to the gaming community, as it happens.”

Despite the fact that YouTube Gaming faces an intense rivalry from Twitch in the rest of the world, the Amazon-owned game streaming service is not for the most part used in Japan, and does not yet cater to mobile gamers (outside of the odd iOS diversion), leaving YouTube Gaming open for a chance at securing that market.

YouTube Gaming launched a month ago in the United States and United Kingdom, keep in mind that no official release dates have been given for Android game streaming or the Japanese’s service date of release, YouTube says both will be coming “soon”.

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