Who You Don’t Want to Sit Next to On a Plane

I know that when you book a flight, you don’t know what seat you will sit in a plane. Sometimes, you have to choose a seat and often you’ll be assigned to a seat – An example is Southwest Airlines who are often called spirit airlines. Airline booking is easy these days, especially when you go through the online flight booking portal and avoid using a travel agency.

All these you need to complete before you can get on a plane, but the major problem remains that you don’t know who will be sitting next to you. Who’s the most irritating passenger you don’t want to sit next to you on a plane.

In the video below, you’ll find “Expedia annual survey that reveals the five types of passengers you don’t want to end up next to” when you are on a flight.


What do you think about this survey? Have you encountered such people or behaviors when you travel on a plane?

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