Undeniable Proof That You Can Now Link Your First Bank Account Online

BVN (Bank Verification Number) activation has been an issue for bank customers following the time when CBN made it a requirement for each account holders.

Before, the activity end date was set to June. On this note, a number of customers from first bank Nigeria trooped into their bank offices and like warriors in a combat area, there were turmoil ridden situations in different branch locations of First Bank Nigeria. Customers battling one another, abuses from customers to bank authorities and according to reports from the witnesses, some people gave up and collapsed while lining for BVN activation.

On the other hand, it was later put off by the CBN till October 31st this year in order to allow customers who have not registered to enroll. However, what looked like a war turned into a nightmare for some people, as large number of customers that need activation returned for a later day activation and business was back to normal.

One of the real issue of BVN was the activation itself, as well as the linking of customers other bank account(s) to an already received Bank Verification Number.

First bank of Nigeria

With this, First Bank Nigeria as its name suggests turns out to be the first to launch an online BVN linking portal to enable its customers their account online at any time.

This would help many First Bank customers to link their BVN to their First Bank account at the earliest convenience in their home.

First Bank Nigeria declared the launch of this platform via their online networking website and a lot of its customers have acknowledged it as an anticipated idea and trusting that different Banks will take after First Bank Nigeria PLC.

To connect your BVN, visit the First Bank BVN account linking page

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