The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

It’s an important thing to start poultry farming in Nigeria, but to start a genuine business from it is something else entirely. You aren’t only going to become a chicken farmer, but a business person as well, depending on what markets you need to target along with what section of the poultry farming you would like to tap into.

In the poultry business in Nigeria, there are two main sectors: Layers, which are chickens bred and raised to produce eggs, or broilers, chickens raised and bred to get killed. Whatever sector you choose, you have to make responsible management and financial decisions to make your poultry farm business a prosperous one.

1. Create a business plan.

This is one of the most important situations to draw up as part of your operation. It speaks of what goals you need to take and exactly how you want to make it happen. It’s also a plan of how you plan to operate your poultry farming from not just a producer’s standpoint, but the banker’s, lawyer’s, accountant’s, and even the hired hand’s standpoint. Poultry farming business plans are available online and most of them are free to download.

2. Have land, capital and equipment.

You can’t set up, nor have poultry farms or perhaps a poultry farming business without these dire necessities. You will need buildings to raise your chickens in, whether or not it’s barns or hutches depending on the way you want to raise your chickens: conventional or free-range? Land is to offer the buildings on and also to grow crops to feed your chickens. Equipment and machinery are also required to clean barns, dispose of dead stock, work crops, and many more.

3. Decide the best way to raise your chickens.

There are two main methods to raise them. Conventional systems have chickens confined to barns that are temperature and photo-period controlled areas. Free-range systems allow your chickens to just about have the run of the farm to behave as naturally as possible.

4. Determine what sectors with the poultry industry you would like to pursue.

Ultimately, there are two types to choose from: broilers that happen to be chicken raised for meat, or layers–chickens raised for their eggs. However, there are other sectors of the poultry farming that one could pursue.

Eggs that are not to make available in the market for human consumption (these can be from both broilers and layers) are incubated and the chicks hatched and raised until they are of the right age to be sold to farms being raised as layers or broilers.

Often the process of incubating eggs and raising chicks is outside the scope, regarding raising the chickens themselves. There is also the part of slaughtering chickens for meat, and this is a separate sector by itself you may want to pursue.

Many poultry farms, especially those which aren’t conventional have more than one sector of the poultry farming business to operate. Whether you want to operate all sectors or only one or two is your choice.

5. Search for a niche market if you can.

If the region you are in is popular for raising chickens in a certain style (more conventional than free-range), you may wish to pursue a niche market that targets the consumer’s desire for free-range chickens instead of the conventionally-raised ones.

6. Be available to prospective customers and consumers.

Advertise yourself by letting other people know you might have eggs or meat you wish to sell. Often selling by word-of-mouth is a lot cheaper whilst still; it is still the most popular method of advertising than paying for an advertisement in the newspaper which could get read by just one or two people.

However, there is no harm in doing that either, nor there is a harm in setting up a website promoting your products.

7. Maintain records and the accounting of your business and operation.

This is necessary so that you could tell if you are earning profits or you aren’t.

8. Learn and know the local laws about poultry farming in Nigeria and raise your chickens according to those laws. Do not try to be a hero, the state or federal government could revoke your poultry farming business license.

In conclusion, chickens are similar to your sons or daughters and other animals. To ensure continuous production of chicken and eggs, your chickens should be regularly checked by veterinarians to make sure they’re healthy. Sick chickens will negatively affect your production, so it is important to have a doctor or health coverage for the poultry animals.


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