If U.S Visa is Rejected When Can I Apply Again?

If you’re among those who applied for non-immigrant visa like tourist/visitor’s visa to travel to the United States of America, and you received the blue letter (Visa refusal) from your consular officer after your interview; this indicates your application was refused under Section 214(b) in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

You were unable to sufficiently prove to the consular officer that you’re eligible for the non-immigrant visa category you applied for, or you didn’t overcome the presumption of immigrant intent by sufficiently demonstrating you have strong ties to your home country that may compel you to definitely depart the United States following your temporary visit.

Ties are various aspects of the applicant’s life that bind you to your country of residence, such as your profession, financial situation, employment, social and family relationships, and properties.

Immigration law delegates the obligation for issuance or refusal of U.S visas to consular officers. They’ve the final say on visa cases. When the consular officer determines that you’re qualified for the non-immigrant visa under Section 214 (b) from the INA, the decision made by the consular cannot be appealed. However, if you believe that you eligible/qualified for the non-immigrant visa, you are allowed to apply again at any time.

Once you re-apply, you have to be prepared to provide information which was not presented during your original application or able to present evidence significant changes in your situation from your last application.

In case your situation has not changed from your previous application, it is most likely the decision could be the same. So, first, you have to know the reason(s) why your visa application was denied from your last application. Here are top 10 reasons why Visa applications are denied in Nigeria

To reapply, you must complete a new DS-160 application, pay a fresh application fee, and schedule an appointment for a new interview. You will be interviewed by the means of the same process and different consular officers.

Keep in mind that even if you will be speaking to a different consular, all officers must make their decisions based on the same U.S. immigration law.

Did you receive any U.S visa denial or have any questions before you reapply? Ask your questions below.



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