U.S Universities That Offer Full Scholarships to Undergraduate International Students

The amount of international students attending a U.S. college is maintaining growth every year in Nigeria, but the financial aid options for these undergraduates from Nigeria varies among schools in the United States.

As a result of these, many are looking for universities that offer full scholarships to undergraduate international students.

According to some surveys, a total of 974,926 international undergraduates from Africa enrolled in U.S universities during the 2015-2016 school years, and up 10 percent from the previous year, as outlined by an annual study that tracks the number of students who study abroad.

For international students that receive financial aid from colleges or universities, the package may include an option for a job on campus or institutional money, but will never receive loans as international students.

Although, some international students receive federal financial aid packages, most colleges and universities in U.S restrict aid awards to U.S. citizens or legal residents only, according to one financial aid experts.

But several schools across the U.S. provide financial aid to international students, and Williams College, also No. 1 among National Liberal Arts Colleges, tops the list and seen as the most generous.

The Massachusetts school gave out over $59,674 on average to 94 international undergraduates through the 2015-2016 school years – the highest fund among 418 ranked institutions that awarded financial aid to at least 50 international students, as described by data sent to U.S. News in an annual survey.

In general, Harvard University is not left out; another Massachusetts school that extends its need-blind admissions policy to international students from around the world, awarded about $56,268 in financial aid to over 559 undergraduates from abroad.

On the list of U.S universities that gave essentially the most financial aid to international students, in average the aid award size was $57,054.

Wayland Baptist University in Texas gave the least amount in aid to international students among schools that granted federal funding packages to at least 50 international undergraduates.

The Texas Panhandle School awarded $1,722 on average to international students for the 2015-2016 school years. But, its tuition fees are relatively low for a private school: $19,110 for the 2016-2017 school years.

Below is a list of colleges or universities that gave probably the most in full scholarships to study abroad for African students at least 50 international students from abroad in the 2015-2016 school year.

School name (state) Number of international students who received aid during 2015-2016 Average aid awarded to international undergraduates during 2015-2016 U.S. News rank and category
Williams College (MA) 94 $59,674 1, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Stanford University (CA) 160 $59,000 5 (tie), National Universities
Amherst College (MA) 159 $58,477 2, National Liberal Arts Colleges
Columbia University (NY) 189 $57,727 5 (tie), National Universities
Skidmore College (NY) 90 $57,250 38 (tie), National Liberal Arts Colleges
Trinity College (CT) 163 $57,107 38 (tie), National Liberal Arts Colleges
Harvard University (MA) 559 $56,268 2, National Universities
Duke University (NC) 173 $55,213 8 (tie), National Universities
Yale University (CT) 336 $54,954 3 (tie), National Universities
Wellesley College (MA) 91 $54,873 3, National Liberal Arts Colleges



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