U.K Visa Refusal: Reapplying For U.K Visit Visa After Refusal

In the past, if you have been refused a UK visit visa; you have an option to alternatives to consider against their refusal.

Adjustments to legislation have shaped down these options for a re-application of the visa refusal or appeal letter with added conditions that has gone away with Entry Clearance Managers (ECM) review.

There is also a limited right of appeal on human rights ground, however, this could only be identified if your human right claim has been violated in your application and your visa refused by the consular decision maker.

If your visa has been refused from the application made in U.K, you’ll be sent a decision letter of your application. You must carefully review the notice of decision as it will explain why your U.K visa was refused and whether you have the right of appeal for visa refusal.

Once your application for a U.K Visa is refused, you can re-apply immediately by sending in a new application without any notice to the consular office, unless your decision letter says otherwise.

However, I will advise you do so only when you can provide new or more details that you did not send along with your previous application.

Also, keep in mind that as soon as you receive the visa refusal, you need to seek advice immediately since there are strict deadlines for submitting an appeal or a new application.

If you decide to appeal for the U.K refusal – Below is a U.K visa refusal appeal letter sample:

Dear Sir/Madam,

“Application Reference:”

“I write with reference to my recent application for a credit based facility provided by you, and your subsequent refusal of the facility. Whilst I appreciate I may not have met your specific criteria for the product itself, I would like to appeal your decision because I feel I have underlying facts that may make you reconsider”.

Add Section 2 Text

Add Section 3 Text

“I trust my appeal will be looked at more favourably than my original application and remember, I’m only a phone call away should you require anything clarifying or require sight of additional documentation; which will assist in you reversing the original decision and allow me the facility applied for, or an alternative as you may see fit”.

“I’d be more than happy to close an existing account down to lower my liabilities but personally I think my situation is extremely good, all things considered, and I do lead a very comfortable lifestyle as you can see from my bank statements”.

“Please spend a few moments looking at the additional information attached with my appeal. In the meantime, I look forward to your response, hopefully with better news than last time, and to a future working relationship as my main credit card provider. If, in the meantime you require any additional info please get back to me”.

“Yours faithfully,

Specimen Signature

Applicant Name”

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