The U.K Spouse Visa Appeal Processing Time 2016/2017 Timeline

Lately, a lot of people have been receiving U.K Visa refusal in Nigeria and they have been asking what the U.K spouse visa appeal timeline is.

According to U.K embassies around the world, the consulate has currently been experiencing a significant boost in visa applications over the last number of months. June, July and August are the peak months, and they strongly advise visa applicants to submit their application ahead of time before the recommended processing time.

These are generally indicative processing times only. Visa applications are considered equally thoughtful in a speedy manner as soon as they are received from the visa applicants.

Timeline for the decision can be dependent upon several factors including, the number of applications received, and the resources to process them at any given time the visas become available for the applications.

NOTE: The long term or permanent nature with intention of staying in the U.K, such as those that want to join family visa applications means they will require more in-depth consideration than short-stay visa applications.

The burden is on you, with no criminal background, making sure that you have fully completed the application in a timely manner and submitted in appropriate time for a decision to be made before your date of travel.

However, I will advise applicants NOT to pay for airline fares or travel tickets if you have not been issued a visa.

Estimated processing times for applications received in the Visa Office after 01 August 2016 are highlighted below:

  • Business/Conference visas: 6 working days
  • Family visit visas: 15 days
  • Tourist visas: 15 working days
  • Employment visas (including a typical Worker): 15 business days
  • All the other short-run visas: 15 days
  • Study visas: about 6 weeks
  • Spouse of Irish Citizen visas: 6-1 year
  • Join Spouse/Parent visas whose spouse/parents have important skills or visa: a month
  • Join Spouse/Parent visas whose spouse/parents have permission to stay in U.K on basis other than employment permit: 6-12 months
  • Adult children/Parent Dependent visas: 6-12 months

U.K Appeals Time Line

  • Short term visas: 2-30 days
  • Student visas: 3- 6 weeks
  • Join Family appeals: 6 months

Appeal against a visa or immigration decision

Appeal from the outside of the UK

It is possible to appeal to the tribunal if you have the right to appeal – you’ll usually learn if you can appeal for the U.K visa refusal from your decision letter.

If you have been refused a tier 1, 2, 4 to 5 visa, you can request for current decision made on your application to be reviewed by an administrative review – your refusal letter will explain if you can.

Talk to a lawyer or perhaps an immigration adviser in case you are not sure if you can appeal.

See the guidelines for representing yourself if you’ll not need an attorney to represent you during the appeal time.

How to Appeal

You have 28 days to appeal after you receive a decision. If you need to leave the country you’re applying from before the specified period you’re allowed to appeal, just keep in mind you’ve four weeks (28 days) to appeal once you’ve left the nation.

In case you apply after the deadline, you have to explain why – the tribunal will evaluate if it can still attend to your appeal.

Appeal online if you can – online appeals are quicker than post or fax appeals.

Appeal Letter Sample

Appeal Letter Sample

You can still request an oral hearing

You can ask on your appeal form for the decision to be made either:

  • based on the information provided on your appeal form and any documents supplied to the tribunals
  • At a hearing that your own representatives can attend

The tribunal can decide to have a hearing, even if you may not need one. You will find out from the tribunal if you will need one.

In the event the tribunal doesn’t hold a hearing, the court will decide your case based on your appeal form and documents.

Hearings are completed in public. You can ask for it to be moved to a private area or you can ask to attend by video conference, but you need to have a reason, such as the public hearing would create danger to you.

You’ll be allowed to request a male or female judge if you think you’ll find issues in your appeal which can render it appropriately. The tribunal will determine if it can do that.

Special Requirements

You can contact the Customer Service Enquiry Unit before your hearing if any special help is needed, for example, someone attending on your behalf would need a wheelchair access.

Customer Service Enquiry Unit

Telephone: +44 (0)300 123 1711

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm


The cost of appealing is based on the date of the decision letter. If the decision letter is dated on or before 9 October 2016 it is:

£80 without having a hearing

£140 with a hearing

If your decision letter is dated on or after 10 October 2016 it costs:

£490 without having a hearing

£800 with a hearing

You may not have to pay if you receive a legal aid.

Read the tribunal fees guidelines to learn more. There’s a different regulation if your decision letter is dated:

Contact the tribunal in case you’re unsure if you need to pay a fee.

First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)

Telephone: 44 (0)300 123 1711

How to Pay

It is possible to pay your fee with a debit or credit card when making your appeal online or by including your payment details on your appeal form.

If you have already submitted your appeal online/form, you can also pay your fee online.

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