Turning Data Insights Into Action With Google Analytics

In the previous article, how to start making money online with Google Adsense  advertising, I discussed how Google Adsense has emerged as one of the biggest and perhaps the best platform for monetization of blog content. With that in mind, this article will show you some important steps you can take with Google Analytics to help turn your data insights into action.

The history of Google Analytics dates back in the year 2005, April when Google Company bought Urchin Software Corporation. As a matter of fact, the current service interface Google Analytics uses was the company’s product known as Urchin on Demand.

So what exactly is Google Analytics? This is a statistical web analytics service that provides basic analytical tools for Search Engine Optimization and marketing purposes. It has the ability to keep track of and report all the traffic that maneuvers around your website.

Google analytics is available to anyone with a Google account and is by far the most popular and widely used web analytics service the internet has to offer.

You are probably wondering what is the essence of registering and Google Analytics. Well, using this statistical service encompasses a lot of benefits.

1. It is absolutely free

Google Analytics is absolutely free. One needs not to purchase any premiums to use it. Moreover, there are no subscriptions. The diverse services it offers to track and report data are all free and have no cost at all. Since using Google Analytics requires one to have a Google account, it is also free to open one and there are no costs collectively.

2. Keyword breakdown

Google Analytics has the ability to monitor keywords in which you are being found under in any search engine and inform you which keywords are giving your website the best publicity. It also creates a platform to modify your website in a bid of generating more traffic through Search Engine Optimization.

3. Basis of traffic analysis

Google Analytics has the ability to evaluate the manner in which visitors to your website are being led to it. Be it via links from other websites, paid advertisements or even from a direct link, Google Analytics will scrutinize this piece of information for you. This will enable you to establish a hypothesis on which the most traffic originates from and work towards improving.

4. Geographical information about your visitors

Google Analytics provides a tremendous report of where most of your website traffic is geographically located. This includes the countries and towns of the people accessing your website. This will come in handy in helping you to strategize on your advertisements and even optimization of keywords to give back the desired results.

5. Webpage attractiveness

Google Analytics provides substantive information on which of your WebPages are popular and are generating more traffic. This helps you conclude what people find significant and what they value. If you are an online business person, this will enable you to develop these pages better in an attempt of increasing your income. Moreover, this information will shape the nature of your future WebPages.

These are just but a few, but at the same time very vital benefits of Google Analytics. The benefits are diverse and will always prove useful if you have a website. It provides insight on how to manage your website for its benefit.

Google Analytics provides an opportunity for you to set goals effectively for your website. These goals could include URL destination goals, visit duration goals, pages per visit goal and even event goals for your website. You will also be in a position to gauge the growth and progress of your website.

The benefits that Google Analytics provides are incredibly enormous and if you run a website, I would recommend with the strongest terms possible that you sign up for this amazing service.

However, Google Analytics faces a number of limitations and challenges in its quest to collect credible and reliable data. Many ad filtering software such as Firefox’ Adblock often blocks Google Analytics tracking codes. This leads to the breach of the credibility of the data as it is not accurate.

Moreover, many web users block or even delete cookies resulting in the loss of data. Without cookies, Google Analytics has no ability to track traffic movement on any website.

The privacy of Google Analytics has been for a long time been in question due to its tracing nature. Google Analytics uses the visitors IP address to determine the approximate geographic location. This should not worry you because Google Analytics retains the anonymity of your IP address and there is no cause of alarm whatsoever.

Google Analytics is by far one of the most amazing software this world has ever seen in the 21st century. Try out Google Analytics today, where you will turn data insights into action!


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