Top Reasons Smart People Buy Travel Insurance in Nigeria

There are many insurance companies in Nigeria, and majority of them offer the option to purchase travel insurance.

Insurance companies in Nigeria like the Aiico insurance, NIG insurance allow its customers to buy travel insurance online and even the Schengen visa insurance are sold by these companies.

Are you planning going on a vacation? If the answer is yes, you may be asking yourself why you should buy travel insurance. After reading this article, you’ll know why smart people buy the travel insurance in Nigeria, what exactly it covers, and whether you will actually need it. But, first let us define travel insurance.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that generally promises to cover the price of the trip when it is cancelled, or if there is some kind of problem on your trip. Many of these problems may include cancellation of the trip, a medical emergency that occurs while on the trip, lost luggage, or stolen luggage. If you’re concerned about cancellations, when you are making the trip can be taken into consideration.

Are You boarding an Airplane?

If you’re traveling on an airplane, you probably would not need the travel insurance. Some airlines offer full refundable airline tickets. If your airline offers a refundable ticket, getting the travel insurance wouldn’t make much sense.

But, if the airline does not offer this particular service, consider buying the travel insurance before flying. If you’re traveling during the winter months, sometimes flights can be delayed due to bad weather.

Are You Traveling in a Cruise Ship?

When you decide to plan a luxury cruise ship vacation with the family, the most many people think about is almost about trouble or cancellation. The last thing you want to worry about is any type of trouble or cancellation; there are often thousands of people onboard. With a number of people on the ship, you don’t need to panic about lost luggage.

Some firms that offer cruise ship insurance even cover delayed bags for about one day. In case your bags are delayed for the full day, you won’t be able enjoy the cruise ship. With delayed baggage insurance, you’re reimbursed your money if you did not receive the luggage within a day. Cruise ship travel insurance plans may vary; so ensure that your insurer covers delayed baggage.

Situations for Needing Travel Insurance

Certain travel insurance plans can look after you by covering the financial costs in the event of these situations:

  • An abrupt, serious injury or illness to you, a relative, or even a traveling companion.
  • A natural disaster
  • A terrorist attack in the foreign city within ten days of your scheduled arrival in that particular city.
  • If you, a traveling family member, or even a traveling companion whom you are with is served with an order from the court or needed to serve on a jury.
  • If you’re involved with a direct accident while enroute to departure for your vacation.

Am I Already Covered?

Before you make a move to buy the travel insurance plan, ensure you actually need to buy it. You do not need to buy extra insurance if you’re already covered. Some bank cards may provide a type of travel insurance when you use their MasterCard to pay for the trip.

Some health insurance providers also provide travel coverage for your benefits regardless where ever you travel to. Make sure to check if the health insurance plans cover hospital and medical services outside of Nigeria.

Be Smart and browse the agreement!

If you are not already covered and require getting the travel insurance, making sure you check out the insurance plan carefully and read the fine print. You should fully investigate and search over all of the forms with your tour operator, airline, travel agent, or whoever you would be booking your trip with. It’s your duty to read the paper work carefully before signing.

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