Top 7 Scholarship Websites For International Students

There are many lists of scholarships available online for Nigerian students that want to study abroad. Some of them are scholarships for women; while others are nursing scholarships that are created to help those that need to go into the health program.

It’s that time of year when students from around the world start searching for international scholarships to study abroad, applying for grants, and with the increasing cost of educational and decreasing financial aids, students are more motivated than any other time in recent years to find free scholarships to pay for their tuition fees (instead of waiting for parents to sponsor their degree programs).

Below, you will find top 7 scholarship websites for international students to help students get as much money as possible.

These best scholarship websites are professionally run and licensed and provide reliable, headfirst information about open scholarships for any student searching for more money to study abroad.


This is a professional scholarship website. The website is user friendly and well laid out to easily find the scholarship you’re searching for. You will need to create an account to get started with the scholarship opportunities available here, and also you can easily save your favorite scholarships to apply later.

The owner of the site also provides scholarship application tips and resources on how to apply for international study abroad scholarships. has over 2.7 million scholarship listings for international students totaling $19 million available as winnable funds.

2. – American Association of University Women

This association awards and small grants that you don’t need to pay back to women in the amount of $750-$1,500 range. To be eligible for this type of scholarship, the female student must be willing to study in San Diego California USA in order receive these grants.

3. – AFCEA Educational Foundation

On this website you will learn and find different programs such as:

– Graduate scholarships

– Undergraduate scholarships

– Military Personnel

– Work Permit for international students


If you are among the African American, your focus should be this scholarship website. This great website has masters scholarships for any field of study. You will also find about information on need based scholarships available to Africans.


This giant scholarship website offers grants and scholarships to students from around the world; and information on how to find scholarships to study in overseas can also be found on the site. This is great opportunity to get your foot in the entryway of fantastic international student scholarships.


FastWeb is a well-known organization recommended for international students at high school that want to study abroad. This company has been around for a while; it is private owned and free to apply for scholarships. Scholarships over 11 months old are automatically deleted from the database so that it stays current. It offers over 1.5 million scholarships that are totaling about $3.4 billion in funds.

7. CollegeNet

This organization allows students to search for free scholarships to study abroad based on their content with Keyword Search or based on your personal information and what you qualify for with Profile Search. This website also offers free forums for students to post discussions about scholarships; and the topics are voted based on how interesting they are.

The student with the most interesting topic and high score in voting will win from $300-$5000. It is private owned and the scholarships update monthly.

These are the top 7 scholarship websites that you should visit at the earliest convenience to find free scholarships that you can apply to study abroad!

If you have any questions about websites for scholarships, leave your comment below.

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