Top 7 Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Course Providers in Nigeria

HSE training in Nigeria is important if you want to become a professional engineer. This is a requirement for all professional engineers, for you to be familiar with the safety and environmental hazards in the engineering workplace, especially in the oil field. HSE training entails that you have the HSE certification before you can be able to apply for the HSE jobs in Nigeria.

However, most safety jobs in Nigeria also call for Nebosh certification, but that is a different topic we covered in this article. I am a living witness because I have obtained one of the professional courses in Nigeria, and that has improved my salary range at my workplace.  Although, there are so many areas/locations available in Nigeria you can register Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) courses and secure HSE certification, such as the HSE training in Lagos, and even the HSE certification online, but you have to be careful about the trusted providers out there.

Below, we’re going to try to put together the Top 7 Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) trusted providers in Nigeria and you should be able to check if they’re available in your area.

First, what exactly is Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)?

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is actually a basic training presented to an entry-level workers who are or would be employed in companies or industries that consider occupational health, environmental protection and occupational health as an important factor in their daily work activities.

As stated above, Health and safety training is indeed a mandatory requirement for most of the environmental jobs in Nigeria. Sectors that require skilled Safety officers include Oil and Gas, Telecommunications industries, Power and Energy, as well as the Construction industries, IT Companies, Aviation Industries, NGOs, Consulting firms, Manufacturers and Financial Institutions. In fact, it is compulsory in case you would like to become a professional engineer in Nigeria.

The Key Purpose of HSE Training Requirement in Nigeria

Health, Safety and Environment training has two main objectives:

(a) Prevention against incidents of accidents that may arise because of abnormal operation or operating conditions.

(b) Reduction of undesirable effects that may result from normal operation or operating conditions.

Most companies consider HSE Certification as a qualification for employment processes in Nigeria, for instance, recently a friend of mine was detained a job offer at the Shell Oil Company Port Harcourt, simply because he did not have the oil and gas training courses completed.

So, the question is where can you receive the best HSE Training in Nigeria?

Here is the list of top 7 Health, Safety & Environment Course Providers in Nigeria.

#1. Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPN):

ISPN is now the key safety course provider in Nigeria. The company was established far back in 1980. It has a wide range of safety professional courses and certifications. To find out more about the available HSE training courses for oil and gas at this location, simply visit the official website of the company.

#2. SMSTS Group

SMSTS Group is actually a foreign based industry based in Nigeria and they offer courses related to HSE training. The company, SMTS Ltd has developed a powerful business partnership recently with Pottersmark Services Ltd, a leading health and safety consultancy center operating out of Lagos. They have different courses and it has been seen to be successful in training like IOSH Managing Safely and the International General Certificate course, NEBOSH – Nebosh training is another great course you’ll need if you’re thinking about becoming a professional engineer.

#3. International Competency Certification Centre (ICCE)

ICCE is a CIEH accredited course providers in Industrial Health, Safety& Environment. They provide number of online course like workplace safety and health, Health Safety Awareness, Health and Safety for Managers, NEBOSH, and Health Safety for Directors. All courses at affordable fees. To get involved with the training courses in Nigeria, reach out to the ICCE headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

#4. Lonadek

Lonadek is often seen as a firm filled with oil and gas consultants, with the major objective of developing the zone content policy in terms that adds value to citizens of Nigeria and also to the stakeholders.

They have got core the competence in training individuals and company bodies on diver’s oil and gas courses including Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). This company is where I obtained my HSE certification at a reasonable price.

#5. SGS Nigeria

SGS Nigeria offers courses like Occupational Health & Safety training aimed to improve the coordination of occupational health & safety risks, across a diverse organizations with professional online classes. You could also take advantage of their different courses and seminars at reasonable prices. They are among the best provider when it comes to professional courses in Nigeria

#6. OilTrain

As the name implies, OilTrain is surely a gas and oil training school in Nigeria. They offer a wide range of courses that improves core competence among individuals and company groups in the oil and gas industry. They provide courses in any level in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). In addition to HSE related courses, they also offer other managements related courses that may enhance your career within the gas and oil industry.

#7. Hybrid Consulting Ltd

Hybrid Consulting Ltd is an accredited and approved HSE training center for CIEH, UK IOSH, UK, NEBOSH UK and Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. They are well recognized company in Nigeria with a strong number of consultants trained to prevent losses for the company, also to promote health.  Hybrid Consulting also deals with Safety, environment and security, as well as project management procedures.

If you’re looking for where to complete your Health, Safety & Environment Course in Nigeria, I believe this article would have helped you decide by now.

In conclusion, this list is not complete and feel free to voice out your opinion in the comment area below. These providers are the ones we think made the top 7 HSE training in Nigeria. We’ll update the list when we are able to verify the authenticity of others.

Good luck with your search for HSE training in Nigeria.


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