Top 11 PhD Scholarships in America For International Students

PhD scholarships are hard to find today, especially if you are an international student planning to study overseas. Receiving a PhD in the USA has been a dream of every student from a foreign country.

However, there are many available PhD scholarships for developing countries that are awarded prestigious funding opportunities at the PhD degree levels and for other training programs.

Foreign students looking for the “American Dream” of prosperity and success can benefit greatly from PhD scholarships for international students.

The United States is known to be a prime global destination; attracting graduate students worldwide with many top-notch universities. Earning a doctoral degree in the United States of America will equip you with the skills and knowledge for contributing to the development of your home country when you return back from the PhD programs in the USA.

Whether you are now living in Europe, Asia, Africa, or any other countries around the world, PhD scholarships in USA for international students will be an important gift in affording 4-6 years of advanced studies overseas.

Below, are top 11 scholarships for doctoral degree for international students that plan to study on visa in the U.S.A

1. AAUW International Fellowships

For almost one hundred years, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) have gifted International Fellowships for $20,000 apiece to female graduate students from over 140 countries, including African students who are pursuing a master’s, professional, or PhD degree in the USA. Eligible women must have attained at least a bachelor’s degree, not a U.S. citizenship, and should have a plan to study a full-time program or research, display English language proficiency, have the extraordinary academic achievement, and intend to return to her home country after graduation.

Deadline to Apply: December 1st

2. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships

Each spring, the Aga Khan Foundation distributes several PhD scholarships for international students from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, and Mozambique who plan to complete their studies at a U.S. or Canadian post-graduate institution. Qualified Middle East or African applicants should be thirty years old or under, exhibit genuine financial need, be admitted in a highly reputable program of study, and also have consistently excellent academic records.

Deadline to Apply: March 3Ist

3. American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowships

The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) grants one-year fellowships for $23,000 to Scandinavian citizens that are undertaking a master’s or PhD program in the USA in any field of study. Qualified candidates must legally live in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, or Iceland, but at least have a minimum of pass ability in English. For consideration, applicants must submit three letters of recommendation, undergraduate transcripts, a CV or resume, along with a biographical essay.

Deadline to Apply: February 15th.

4. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

This type of fully funded PhD scholarship programs in USA is administered by the U.S. Department of State, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program awards up to 1,800 doctoral scholarships for international students who wish to study in the US each year. Qualified candidates must possess a first- or upper second-class honors bachelor’s degree, be accepted with an accredited graduate school, display academic merit, pass the GRE or GMAT exam, and attach a curriculum vitae to the application. Fulbright winners must return to their home country for at least 2 years after funding.

Deadline to Apply: October 15th

5. Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowship

This type of international PhD scholarships is sponsored by the Leakey Foundation; the Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowship was designed to give $15,000 annually to international students from developing countries that are accepted into an approved MA or PhD program in the USA. Young non-U.S. citizens studying pre-history, paleoanthropology, primatology, and other programs related to human origins and evolution can qualify. Eligible fellows must plan to return and work in their home country following their advanced specialty training.

Deadline to Apply: February 15th

6. East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship

The East-West Center has created the Graduate Degree Fellowship to offer two years of full tuition funding to advanced students from Asia and also the Pacific, including Russia, who’re earning a master’s or PhD degree at the University of Hawaii. Eligible applicants should be enrolling at UH full-time, pass the TOEFL or IELTS exam, match the J-1 visa requirements, and submit two letters of reference. Chosen fellows are expected to finish a minimum of 90 hours of community service and file monthly reports.

Deadline to Apply: November 1st

7. Campbell Fellowships for Transformative Research

This is a type of PhD scholarship in USA for developing countries. The Campbell fellowships are providing a stipend of $4,500 monthly; the Campbell Fellowships for Transformative Research are awarded by the School of Advanced Research (SAR) for international female PhD scholars who are researching conditions of girls in global developing nations.

Most applicants are completing a doctorate in anthropology, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, law, history, or economics. Female scholars from the country who are enrolled in a U.S. graduate school and fluent in English can apply.

Deadline to Apply: November 7th

8. HHMI International Student Research Fellowships

From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), the International Student Research Fellowships are available for $43,000 to non-U.S. pre-doctoral students who are studying at a certified American institution. Eligible candidates should be entering their third, fourth, or fifth year of the PhD study. Majors like biology, chemistry, physics, plant biology, biomedical engineering, and computer science will qualify. Nominees must demonstrate exceptional talent and innovation in research in the biomedical sciences.

Deadline to Apply: February 11th

9. Japan-IMF Scholarship for Advanced Studies

Funded from the International Monetary Fund, the Japan-IMF Scholarship for Advanced Studies is a two-year financial help program agreed to Japanese citizens who will be going to a PhD program for macroeconomics, finance, international economics, econometrics, or international trade. Eligible applicants must be entering their first, second, or third year in the PhD program and have not turned 34 years old. Scholars receive full-time tuition coverage at a U.S. university, health insurance, textbook allowance, and a paid summer internship.

Deadline to Apply: January 31st

10. Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

This type of PhD research funding opportunities are made available from the World Bank Family Network (WBFN) since 1981, the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund currently offers 24 annual PhD scholarships for international students from developing countries who will study in the country of U.S., Canada, or Africa.

Eligible female applicants must exhibit financial need; at least you should be twenty five years old, enroll with an accredited institution full-time, and display satisfactory academic merit. Recipients must be dedicated to returning to their home country for empowering females and young girls after graduation.

Deadline to Apply: January 15th

11. PEO International Peace Scholarships

The PEO International Peace Scholarships provide no more than $10,000 each year to selected women from other countries who are earning master’s or PhD degrees in the US or Canada. Eligibility makes it necessary that applicants be enrolled full-time at an accredited college, not a U.S. citizenship, have a full one year of coursework remaining, exhibit financial need, and apply before starting their dissertation research. Scholarships can be applied toward your tuition, textbooks, housing, and living expenses.

Deadline to Apply: March 1st

In overall, the PhD is the highest degree that anyone can possible achieve. The graduates are thought to be experts in their field. PhD students are considered experts when applying for jobs in administration, supervision, research, and education.

Since doctoral research is notoriously rigorous, it’s extremely difficult to work full-time and still earn a salary. International students also have the problem of currency changes and traveling expenses.

Luckily, scholarships, grants, and fellowships provide free aid to make obtaining a doctorate in the United States possible. In case you’re an international student that is looking PhD grants for African students in the United States, consider these top 11 PhD scholarships for international students. You can also read the recommended articles below.



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