Top 10 Reasons For UK Visa Refusal in Nigeria

If you have applied for U.K Visa in the past, you should know what U.K visa refusal is, simply because you may have received one denial before.

Travelling to the UK for work, business or even a holiday requires all non-British individuals to apply for a UK visa. As you have applied for a visa for your trip, you may find that the British Immigration Office has rejected your request for a visa.

So, What is Visa Refusal?

A visa refusal should be the rejection of the application for the non-immigrant visa by the UK Immigration authorities, which could be as a result of many factors.

The common reasons for U.K visa refusal are as stated below: Keep in mind that there might be other reasons for U.K visa rejection, but these points listed below are the most common factors found among travelers.

  • Deception- submitting fraudulent or false documentation.
  • Deportation order- if the applicant is the recipient receiving a deportation order.
  • If your applicant has been found guilty of a crime in the past that warrants an imprisonment term of 4 years or more
  • Deliberately withholding documentation of the criminal background, if applicable
  • Insufficient funds for a vacation to the UK
  • The applicant has overstayed or submitted false documents on the previous trip to the United Kingdom.
  • You didn’t comply with visa regulations such as submitting to a biometric scan, photograph or provide a medical report.
  • The applicant does not have a valid passport or travel document.
  • The applicant has not yet divulged material facts related to the visa application.
  • Your purpose of visit is covered under the visa applied for.

The United Kingdom Immigration Office can decide to reject a candidate’s visa application without your consent if the consular finds there is no reason for the candidate to visit Britain based on the information submitted in the visa application.

UK Visa Refusal Appeal Process

In case an applicant’s visa application has been rejected, he/she is going to be notified of the rejection in writing, with the actual reason for the refusal is also stated.

A visa may be refused under the points-based system, which is UK’s immigration management system. Applicants whose visas have been refused under this method can appeal for an administrative review only.

The visa rejection letter will specify if the applicant is allowed to appeal the decision. If the letter doesn’t mention that an appeal can be filed, the applicant would have to file a fresh visa application.

The visa appeal process takes about 12 weeks, starting from the time of submission of the appeal application to the hearing and decision by the judge.

Afterwards the visa application has been rejected, the applicant can appeal the decision made by following the steps provided below:

Complete Form IAFT-2, the actual form for appeal against a house Office decision regarding the refusal of visa.

  • Submit the proper form, duly completed and signed, with supporting documents for the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).
  • The Chamber will send a receipt on receiving the documents, after which the documents will likely be forwarded to the appropriate authorities, where the case will be reviewed.
  • The original decision will either be overturned or upheld, and the decision will be communicated to the applicant through the mail.
  • A hearing will be arranged and the applicant will receive detailed information about the hearing, where an immigration judge will review all documents associated with the case and make a decision within ten days from your date of the hearing.
  • If the hearing is in applicant’s favor, the visa officer will speak to you and complete the visa application process.
  • If the visa rejection is upheld, the applicant can try and file a whole new application.

Re-Applying for UK Visa After Rejection

Once a candidate’s visa application has been rejected, the applicant can choose to re-apply for a visa. A fresh application can be filed as soon as the first visa application was rejected, or on completing the appeal process.

When re-applying for a UK visa, care should be taken into consideration to ensure the form is filled correctly and all types of relevant information has been provided, to avoid the visa application being rejected again.

If you still confused, here is how to apply for U.K Visa in Nigeria

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