Tips to Pass Your US Tourist Visa Interview in Nigeria

Obtaining a U.S visa is getting harder every day for the frequent travelers in Nigeria.

Most of the laws regarding American visa application have changed since the new President Trump went into power. Many people going for fiancé visa USA or tourist visa are denied for some reasons.

For a lot of ordinary Nigerians, that wants to travel to America, even just to go for one day is a realization of a lifelong dream. Unfortunately, so many Nigerians experience frustration and disappointment when trying to obtain a U.S tourist visa.

The United States embassy is very strict when it comes to allowing people from Nigeria and other African countries to get into their country.

The statistic can be blamed on the thousands of Nigerians who are overstaying and working illegally in the U.S.

There is no secret that the U.S consulate may be discriminatory and intimidating when interviewing those from Nigeria who’re trying to get a tourist visa.

Of course, you should have a testimony about your experience with the online US visa application and US immigration visa process in Nigeria.

Many applicants dread the tourist visa interview because the questions are very short and the answer session determines if someone will likely be granted or denied a visa.

Sadly, the numbers of applicants who’re denied are way over the applicants who are given a visa. If you want to go to America for a visit and you are nervous about the interview, the traveling tips listed here can help you get over the stress of U.S tourist visa interview questions

Tourist Visa Interview Tips

As mentioned earlier, interviews last only for a couple of minutes and also the questions are generally associated with the reasons you’re interested in visiting America.

The consulate officer wants proof that you’re returning to America and still have enough ties in Nigeria to return back.

Your answer should also confirm you will travel to America only for a short period of time and have no intention to overstay as a possible immigrant.

It is a known fact, that many people in their working age, especially young single women find it harder to get a tourist visa in Nigeria. Whereas it is very common for the American embassy to grant a visa to an  applicant that’s older than 60 years old, or children below seven years old.

Proper Timing Counts. One tip is to schedule your US visit to a conference or event that relates to your specialized profession or area of interest. Then, you can give a reason that you would like to visit the US for the event.

It could also help if you can submit your online visa application for a tourist visa while you are studying since it is a sign you will return to Nigeria once you complete your studies.

Be ready at any time. Some consuls wouldn’t even inspect the supporting documents of an applicant, but it is still advisable that you bring documents which will prove your Nigerian ties. If you’re attending a wedding in the US or going for a christening, then bring a copy with the invitation letter would help. Here are the basic documents that you should bring on the day of the interview.

Basic Documents: Nigerian International Passport, Application Fee Receipt, DS156 form, DS157 form, Required Photo, Record of birth certificate, Consent to Travel (for minors), Marriage License (for married couples).

However, you also need documents which will prove your ties to your country, why you need to visit the US: Invitation Letter (with an event), Travel Itinerary, Hotel Bookings, List of Places to go to, and many more.

Keep in mind that the number of back-up documents does not guarantee the issuance of tourist visa at the American Embassy Nigeria, but the more supporting documents you have, the better your chance of securing a visa after you must have completed the online visa application to USA.

Documents Showing Strong Ties for the Nigerians: Bank records, ITR/Assets, Employment Certificate (show high salary and top company position if possible, Certificate of Enrollment, SEC Registration (for businessmen), Marriage license or birth certificate of children, etc.

Have confidence. Nervousness will take you nowhere; which means you must act cool and poised. Keep calm during the interview and look for unique answers to the questions – why do you want to visit America.

Being as honest as possible would help. Your answers should not reveal any trace that you intend to stay permanently or plans to work there. That should be your secret and should be disclosed during the USA interview questions process.

All the best with your U.S tourist visa application. However, if for some reason, you are still denied, don’t think about it much, there are still many beautiful countries you could visit besides America.

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