Think Your Job’s Stressful? Talk to These 5 People

Ask anyone and they’ll say they have a stressful job.

Here are 5 people that have legitimately stressful jobs. From writer Emily Siegel on, compare your job’s stress level with these folks.  If you think you’ve got ‘em beat, you really do have a stressful job!

1. Emergency Aircraft Pilot – an ambulance in the air, they deal with not only the stress of operating an aircraft, but having to transport people in emergency situations.

2. Teacher – they work constantly in an industry that’s always evolving and have to act as life coaches half the time.

3. Event planner – the event itself is easy but planning and working with guests and trying to make everything work in the face of challenges is the hard part.

4. Police Officer – your schedule is insane, you have to be a jack of all trades, and you are risking your safety every day.

5. PR Account Executive – you have to work to please others constantly while being the person behind the curtain.


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