The Ultimate Guide to the Difference between MoneyGram and Western Union

Although, both MoneyGram and Western Union enable you to send money to anyone around the world, there are some differences between each that you should consider before you use any of them. For example, Western Union has more than 500,000 worldwide agent location, while MoneyGram has more like 350,000.

More locations mean more places to send and receive money around the world. This is essentially useful if utilizing different options to send money, for instance, when a phone or PC are not available.

Available Payment Options

Both Western Union and MoneyGram give you the choice to send money in any of the store locations, by phone or online. In case that you need to pay with cash, or with a credit or check card, both sellers make the transfer available to the receiver that same day.

MoneyGram also gives you the option of using your bank account if you’re sending money online or using your phone, but know that the fund transfers are available in three business days as opposed to a few minutes when you send cash. You can send money online making use of your bank information through Western Union when sending cash online, but not by phone. Rather than giving out your bank information and account numbers to send money, you must use your bank’s bill pay free service.

Delivery Options

With both MoneyGram and Western Union, you have a lot of delivery choices available to its customers. Both companies allow for in-store money pick-up at a store location or direct deposit for a phone or bank account. Both enable you to track your payment online through money gram tracking and Western Union tracking. Only MoneyGram gives you the options of sending money to a PayPal account.

Both Western Union and MoneyGram allow you to deposit funds into their own prepaid cards. However, both let you load more money onto third- party prepaid cards.

Sending Money to Inmate

You can send money to an Inmate using either MoneyGram or Western Union. With MoneyGram, you can transfer the fund online or in person at a branch location. You can only send these funds in person or via phone when using Western Union. Give the receiver’s full name, ID number (if any) and the name of the country where he lives.


Regardless of the supplier you choose, the expenses are practically identical. For instance, if you use Western Union to send $100 online from USA to Nigeria, the fee is $11.99. The value drops to $11.50 in case you send the money in-person at a store agent locations.

With MoneyGram, it’s $12, whether to send the money online or at a store location. To send that same amount for delivery in three business days, both Western Union and MoneyGram charge $8 if done online. Moreover, Western Union increased the fee to $10 if sending money is that you send the cash at a Western Union store. Costs also vary when sending cash by telephone.

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