The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on How to Make Money on Facebook

Businesses worldwide are trying to figure out how to best utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google to make money online.  To start you should have a lot of “like” on your page which may have huge fans, followers, likes, in order to make money on Facebook. The list below are how you can make money on Facebook :-

First, create your FB page in connection with some niche topics, like designing, food, cooking, and sports, whatever you think it is possible to design and update well, and write quality content in the page, like a post, then join a community, linked to the same niche.

Keep in mind that making money online is not easy as many might think. This is not a solution to the question you have how to make money fast or how can I make money online. You have to commit yourself to the processes in order to make it work.

For a long term purpose, post quality content often on the blog, and you can make money online in Nigeria through Facebook. You can review the points on how you start making passive income on Facebook – stop asking how to make money online for free.

1) Selling your own personal stuff based on topic, content of the blog.

2) Provide face to face service to your Facebook fans

3) Affiliate Marketing, that you sell other products.

An alternate way to generate income online on Facebook is by promoting the merchandise you are an affiliate for. Note that should you share an affiliate marketer link on Facebook, it can be proper etiquette (as well as an FCC requirement) to disclose that the link is surely an affiliate link.

4) Generate Leads

If you sell high-end goods and services, there’s a chance you’re far more concerned towards generating leads through Facebook.

5) Promote Your Books

If you have written a book available for sale (or being an incentive for subscriber list signups), then you can definitely promote it on Facebook.

6) Facebook Apps & Integrations

If you wish to earn money directly on Facebook, you will need to turn your Facebook page into a sales machine. There are a lot of Facebook apps that enable you to sell from a Facebook page or easily lead your Facebook fans in your web shop.

If one of these models isn’t an obvious match for your business, I’d recommend you firstly test direct Facebook ads to whatever has already been working out for your business. Do you have products that already sell well? Use Facebook ads to send more traffic to the advertised products.

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