The Best Day to Book Domestic Flights in Nigeria

It’s a problem we all face when planning to buy a plane ticket in Nigeria: local flights in the country are always scarce, and you need to book ahead of time in order to get the best deal in prices. There are many domestic airlines in Nigeria, such as Arik air, Aero, Dana air, and the new ones that have been popping up recently in the market.

Before you travel with any airlines in Nigeria, you have to ask this question “should I buy my ticket early and possibly pay some additional fees to get a guaranteed seat, or sit tight for a great plane ticket deal to go along the last minute? Regardless of what you pick, it appears that the cost of a flight is always lower after you’ve already booked your ticket.

In any case, there’s another study out that shows when it’s the best time to buy plane tickets. The following are a few tips, including what day of the week to buy, that you can use to save yourself some money whenever you fly.

As indicated by a recent report from Expedia (EXPE) called “Preparing for Takeoff: Air Travel Trends 2015,” local travelers have a window somewhere around 50 and 100 days before you book a flight when carrier tickets are less expensive. Booking too soon or too late can result in ticket prices that are thousands of Naira higher, especially when you’re booking in Nigeria.

According to the report, on average, the best day to book your flight is 57 days ahead of time.

flights in Nigeria

Booking in this optimal window can SAVE you almost N20, 000 a ticket, on average, and the savings over booking at the last minute can be as much as N55, 000 coming out of your pocket. Along the lines to book a domestic flight in Nigeria, plan ahead, but not too long ahead of your schedule.

Interestingly, international travelers also need to plan ahead of time. Ticket prices have a tendency to be more minimal over 100 days ahead of time, up to a year, for an international flight and climb gradually as the departure day approaches.

The Best Day to Book

There’s also a strategy to what day of the week you should buy your ticket. As reported by Expedia’s findings, when booking ahead of time, you need to try to book on a Tuesday. That is the day that can save you as much as N5, 000 – versus booking your flight on Saturdays.

Knowing When to Plan Your Trip Is Half the Battle

There’s no definite approach to know that you’re going to get the cheapest flight tickets to book for a plane ticket, but considering these tips mentioned above will guarantee that you place yourself in position to get the best flight booking deal whenever you fly.

Locally, book 50 to 100 days ahead of time; internationally, book over 100 days ahead of time; and book your flights midweek rather than on a weekend.

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