How to Tell if an Online Program in Nigeria Is Accredited

A lot of students in Nigeria is including online programs in their college search, plus the U.S, controversy has arisen in the accreditation of online programs within traditional universities and with the accreditation of virtual universities.

On the other hand, many think that online degree programs must be evaluated with similar criteria as other degree programs. Others feel that new standards are necessary to properly evaluate distance learning.

If you’re in Nigeria, you will know that you have many online programs/online universities who provide a false sense of legitimacy.

Accreditation of online education in Nigeria is something you need take serious during your college search and if you’re considering a degree from online schools. You’ll need to know which online universities are accredited and those that are not, and you’ll want to know what each accreditation means.

Want to find out if the online universities in which you want to attend are regionally accredited? Looking to find out if an online program has the specialized accreditation you need before registering for the online course, and if the agency who have accredited the university and program are legitimate? Normally, you should be able to ask the university or program, but it’s wise to check in another place.

Before you start researching about the accreditation status of the online program on the University search list or on Google search engine, there are some places to look.

First, check with the regional accrediting agency that covers the state where the university can be found. Then check to see if there are any specialized accrediting agencies that assess the particular program in which you’re interested in signing up.

To check on online program and universities, you are able to contact the right provincial department of education in Nigeria. To acquire general details about accreditation in Nigeria, visit the website of the National Universities Commission at The website also includes details and links to other various provincial departments of education.

Finally, online students should avoid schools touting “international accreditation,” since the National Universities Commission and the federal government don’t recognize most of the acclaimed international accrediting bodies in Nigeria. Though, you have some legitimate online business degree that the federal government of Nigeria are aware of the accreditation.

Schools often list accreditation on their school websites. If the school don’t list their credentials, experts suggest that students should call and inquire about it.

If you don’t think the information is there, simply have the motivation to go elsewhere to find it and back yourself up. You’re about to spend your money and don’t waste it for nothing.

You don’t wish to walk into a job interview and get laughed out of the room because you went to fake school

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