How to Study Abroad For Nigerians With No Money

I have been receiving questions about how to study abroad for free and that’s why I am writing this article to describe how possible it is to study abroad with no money.

Studying abroad is usually a life-changing experience for most people, even if you are looking for loans for study abroad programs; but it can be an expensive one.

Apart from the expense of tuition and books, you need to raise the money to purchase your travel ticket to the other country and all of your living expenses while you’re there.

In addition, the cost of traveling and exploring your country and the surrounding areas, you should be looking at a hefty bill that most students cannot afford from Nigeria.

Fortunately, there are several ways in which students from any part of African countries can fund programs to study abroad. Below are some of the guidelines on how to raise the money:

Scholarships & Grants

There are a lot available on nigeriamessageboard, many scholarships and grants available to help students pay for tuition fees abroad. Many are limited to the type of programs you plan on studying in the universities abroad, even at the school where you will study, or the country in which you will study.

There are many programs available in universities which you should be able to find one that matches your needs and that should provide either full or financial support.

Check out our Scholarship Directory for a directory of more than 1,000 available programs. You can refine your search criteria based on country, field of study, and academic level.

Financial Aid

In regards to the type of program you choose to study abroad, you may be entitled to federal aid from your university. Some programs may be eligible for class credit, which means that your regular financial aid package can be used towards your program just like it would toward your regular tuition expenses.

Even though the program may not qualify for an academic credit, it could qualify to receive financial aid. Check with your school’s financial aid office on how to get a loan specifically for study abroad travel and expenses.

Private Loans

Of course, study abroad money is not easy to find. Private loans are always a good option for financing any major expenses, including travel abroad for free to study.

Students can use the loans that they’re already receiving to go to college and also invest in their study abroad trip, or they can find outside funding specifically for the trip. Look for educational loans rather than a strictly commercial loan.

Educational loans will carry lower interest rates than the commercial loans and will have more generous repayment terms.

Local Fundraiser

In case you aren’t able to raise the money personally for your study abroad trip, you can make use of the support network in your community.

Hold a fundraiser using your church, school, civic group, work, and other organizations. Try ideas like a silent auction, bake sale, car wash, or barbecue dinner.

Share details of your intention of the meetings and your planned trip, and how you hope to further your education and just what your financial needs are to make the trip a real possibility. You could be amazed at how willing people are ready to help you realize this dream.

Work Abroad

This one could be tricky. In case you finally enter a country to study abroad, you will be given a special visa status that will restrict you from getting a job. To be allowed to work abroad, you should be eligible for a visa that you can only obtain by securing a full-time job and sponsorship.

Therefore, you may not be ready to arrive in the country and find yourself with a part-time job that can’t be any assistance to your studies. If you have an exception, then go for it; try odd jobs like waiting tables or working part-time in a bookstore.

However, if you are unable to find a visa status which you will need to be able to work, there are other ways to work and raise the money while you’re traveling abroad, including blogging, writing freelance how to make money articles, offering tutoring online, and pursuing online income possibilities such as online marketing.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, you should have a plan ready before you leave to help you set some realistic financial targets.

Final Word

You don’t have to overlook a life-changing study abroad experience simply because of financial pressures. I loved taking classes, learning a language, exploring a brand new city, and meeting new friends throughout my school years at George Mason University.

Fortunately, I was able to make the experience affordable by studying in a cheaper city, applying for scholarships, choosing an affiliate study abroad program.




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