Soccer Legend Pele Sues Samsung for $30M

Brazilian soccer legend Pele is suing Samsung for $30 million in a lawsuit that claims the giant Samsung Company used a look-alike of his image during a newspaper ad to advertise its televisions, without paying for endorsement rights

The complaint, which came from Pele’s lawyer Frederick Sperling, stated that the Samsung ad hurt the value of the retired sports star’s endorsement rights which is his main income stream.

The sport legend Pele has several endorsement deals with large companies including Subway, Volkswagen, and Emirates. He earned $25 million from endorsements in 2014, reports from with the FT.

The goal of the suing would be to obtain fair compensation for your unauthorized use of Pele’s identity, and prevent future unauthorized uses, Pele’s lawyer Sperling told Fortune Magazine.

Sperling previously helped basketball player Michael Jordan win $8.9 million from supermarket chain Dominick’s, after it used Jordan’s name without permission in a magazine ad.

Below is the ad that will cost Samsung $30 Million.



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