Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Web Hosting: Which One Should I Choose?

With all the different types of web hosting available these days, it can be disturbing as to which one is suitable for your needs. That brings me to this question: What do you currently use? VPS, shared or dedicated server?

Let’s explore more on Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting so you can come up with a well-informed decision which one to use:

Shared Hosting

This comprises of business class hosting plans. It comes with one physical server as well as the designated resources hosted on that server and shared between multiple users. Each user will have control on certain services such as monthly traffic, databases, disk space, FTP accounts and also email accounts.

In addition, this form of web hosting is considered the most cost-effective approach of hosting a website mainly because the expenses in the amount of disk space on a web server are certainly covered by multiple users. Using this type of hosting requires the customers to upload their website into web-based system and set it up to function.

Competition has led to rapid improvement in technology. Most Shared WordPress web hosting comes with an easy to use admin center like Cpanel, Fantastico, and so on.

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Most well known companies use tech- skilled employees to manage the server. This allows the owner of the website to focus on running the business and not stress over maintenance and uptimes.

Compared to dedicated servers, you may see a moderately slower response server on shared web hosting servers when your site traffic grows. Bigger companies like Bluehost offer various services, so as your site grows, you can upgrade with no hassle.

Virtual Private Server – Also Known as VPS

This pertains to a hosting environment where it creates a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. In other words, it is considered to have the capability of both dedicated and shared hosting.

In the same way, this is one of the many forms of web hosting accounts which users can pick from to host their website online. Bear in mind that in order for you to have your valuable website files on a web server; it is necessary to have a website hosted online.

Organizing and managing a server isn’t only costly, but this is also a heavy task as well. Buying web hosting enables the customer to rent space on a web server, so this certainly makes it a lot easier for the average customers have a website online since all they have to do is to simply upload their site files.

The main disadvantage from a financial perspective is that it is more higher-priced as compared to shared hosting. So, for certain sites that do not require a dedicated hosting service, the price may be deemed as exorbitant. While it is not as costly as dedicated, this type of web hosting is normally a lot more upscale as compared to shared hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

A VPS runs its own particular operating system, and users have super user-level access to that working operating system instance, so they can install any software that can run on the OS.  For many purposes, they are functionally equal to a dedicated physical server, and being software defined, have the ability to be a great web server when it comes to easy configuration and server set-up.

They are evaluated to be much lower than an equivalent physical server, though; they share the same primary physical hardware with other VPSs. The performance may be lower, and may rely on upon the workload of different instances on the same hardware node.

Apart from these, this form of web hosting performs more exceptionally, offers more flexibility and control,  it is proven to be more secure and dependable as compared to any other type of hosting plan since customers are provided with high transfer bandwidth. The organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, and hardware.

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On the other hand, dedicated hosting comes in premium packages, compared to other shared hosting services available in web hosting. In actual sense, the cost per month is expensive at $99. This is considered high-priced for a beginner to pay per month to host their websites, but this is not a big deal for companies with high traffic websites. If you’re not ready to pay over $100/month on hosting, simply sign up with Bluehost WordPress Optimized Hosting plan, which is half the cost

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost Shared Hosting


As you have read above, the three comparisons of web hosting mentioned come with their advantages and disadvantages. Clearly, you can easily select the one that meets your needs.  You just need to review their limitations, the kind of service they provide and the cost you are willing to pay for an excellent web hosting service.

Which type of hosting should you sign up as a beginner?

I recommend Bluehost’s Shared Hosting Plan, where they currently offer it for just $3.49/month.

Bluehost shared hosting

Bluehost shared hosting



Bluehost is known to be a highly respected company powering over 2 million websites worldwide; and you can get started immediately with your site hosting. You can have one free domain name and this certainly makes it easier for beginners to start online.

This provides the customers with a complete web hosting solution, especially for small business owners who incessantly look for excellent functionality, which can be obtained at affordable cost.

Why BlueHost For WordPress Hosting?

I am going to reveal to you why I recommend BlueHost for WordPress hosting.

Here are the reasons to host with BlueHost

  1. You will receive a free domain name for life once you sign up
  2. The company provides 24/7 customer support, and you get a live agent to fix the problem fast
  3. You can host up to 100 WordPress domain names/sites on a single account.
  4. You’ll get unlimited web hosting space and transfer bandwidth
  5. Of course, the price is very competitive – $3.95/month and first month could be free
  6. Automated backups of your files AND databases
  7. Many other goodies included in the package that other hosting companies don’t have at this price rate.

In addition, Bluehost guarantees to make any WordPress upgrades available to you in 24 hours, so you can stay up with the latest, and the most recent security fixes and new features.

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Why I Use and Recommend Bluehost Hosting – The Details…

I use Bluehost for more than 5 websites I have, including my money making blog.  They have the best customer service of any hosting company I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried them all. For instance, I have used GoDaddy, Rackspace, Media Temple, 1and1, WinHost, and a few others. BlueHost continues to surprise me and has blown them all away.

Five reasons I recommend Bluehost for your WordPress Hosting:

1. Service:

If you read my online articles or follow me on twitter you will know I like talking about great customer service when it comes to means you make your living online (Blogging). I’ve never had to wait to speak to the support team on the phone.

Anytime I call Bluehost for an issue, I usually get someone right away without any delay. The customer support team knows their jobs. That alone justifies the means, regardless of the price of admission. They don’t treat me as I don’t know what I’m doing – they quickly help me get to the bottom of my question and resolve it.

2. WordPress Friendly:

Bluehost has WordPress web hosting platform in-house built to the best. With a single click installs SimpleScripts which make it super fast to host new test sites or blogs quickly. You can install different WordPress sites on the same hosting account easily.

Other hosting providers I’ve used before had constant issues with the resource protection inside the WordPress structure; none of this comes with BlueHost. WordPress sites work perfectly and performance is amazing.

With Bluehost, the company will handle the set-up free for you. You can sign up today with Bluehost. They accept all major credit cards and can help you move over from another host in about 15 minutes.

3. Unlimited Domains and Webspace: 

You can have the same number of domains as you want associated with one Bluehost account. Also, you could install up to 200 WordPress websites on one hosting account. I’m not recommending you to do that – it’s optional to have up to that capacity, but it is a good idea to spin up and bring down new sites quickly. Also, they don’t limit your database space or bandwidth transfer

4. Trustworthy: 

BlueHost has more than 2,000,000 registered websites. The company has a long history in the web hosting industry, which makes it sufficiently enough to know what customers truly need. Throughout the years, the company has kept up a good reputation around the world.

Once there was a typical complaining that BlueHost had no upgradable hosting services like VPS and dedicated servers, but the company has resolved this issue by introducing both VPS hosting and dedicated hosting which is cheaper than other hosting providers.

They have a world-class data center and are built for speed and growth. The company has received 801 verified BlueHost customer reviews with ratings on the overall service, control panel, performance, and support. And according to the statistics, “BlueHost enjoys 99.0% satisfaction rate, which is not commonly seen in web hosting field”.

Bluehost web hosting reviews

Bluehost web hosting reviews

5. Cost: 

You just can’t beat the price – $3.95/month is the best deal you can get out there from other hosting providers. Without a doubt, you can save a few bucks out there, but the end justifies the means. Trust me, I have tried them all and finally settled with Bluehost.

It does not worth your time running around. Clearly, I remain behind them for WordPress hosting services. Whether you sign up through our website or any other way, save yourself some time and trouble and simply go with Bluehost

Watch the video below on how to sign up for BlueHost and install WordPress in less than 4 minutes!

How to Setup WordPress in Bluehost – Less than 4 minutes

To sign up, just go to Bluehost  now and click on their “Shared Hosting” link in their navigation.

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