How to Sell on Amazon From Nigeria

I recently received an email from a colleague of mine asking how he can obtain an amazon seller account, and start selling on Amazon from Nigeria.

It used to be pretty easy to become an amazon seller, but now the company has closed the loopholes to prevent fraud, especially for international sellers.

However, the U.S market remains the biggest, and I understand why people from outside of the U.S may wish to sell on Amazon. With email, Skype, WhatsApp, cheap international shipping, Google hangouts and lots of other tech stuffs, everything is possible nowadays to be able to sell on Amazon. Although, the Amazon’s policy does not sound like the same when you talk about people trying to sell on amazon from Nigeria.

I reached out to Amazon inquiring about how you can successfully sell on Amazon from Nigeria, below is the response message I received from the company. Technically, Nigeria is not in the list of allowed countries to sell on Amazon. Also, the currency (Naira) is not supported by Amazon. Click here to see the list of countries allowed to sell on Amazon.


However, I know you can sell books on amazon from Nigeria, but that is considered digital items. You can’t just write a book and put on Amazon to sell. You need to reach out to Amazon publishing companies and they will help you to sell the book.

Also, you need to have means to receive money on Amazon, which is an international MasterCard/Visa that is accepted worldwide, or PayPal that is not Nigerian PayPal or restricted with the features – you can receive, withdraw and send money with your PayPal account.

You’ll also be required to obtain a U.S EIN number. That is an Identification Tax Number assigned to you, which you will use to file for tax at the end of the year.

Online marketplaces like EBay, Amazon and Google require all online sellers to submit an EIN number or social security number at the end of the year for tax purposes. In other words, you have to pay taxes for the money (>$600) earned online from these companies.

You don’t have to be a corporation or have any kind of legal status in America to have the EIN number. To get your EIN number, simply fill out the 10-BEN application form online at the website (US government tax debt collection agency)

I hope this article has eliminated the confusion you might be having about how to sell on Amazon from Nigeria

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