See How Money Makes Floyd Mayweather Look Stupid: Video

When an “experience itself is joyful, like a massage or reading a great book, we want the greatest “volume” of it for our money. More time on the table, more pages in the book.

When we’re looking for answers, solutions to problems and big ideas that will help us get where we want to go, though, we want the bee line approach. Strip it down. Give it to me fast and direct so I can do something with it”.

But there’s a problem. “When we have to pay real money for the latter, all hell breaks loose in the value-volume calculation in our heads”.

Below, you will find Floyd Mayweather who is rich and how money can make you look stupid. At one point, Mr. Mayweather may or may not throw money at you. Then, ever the class act, Mr. Mayweather may boast about the evening to millions on his various social media channels”.

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