Schengen Visa Application: 8 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

If you’re residing in Nigeria, It may not be easy as it appears to secure a Schengen visa. In order to visit the Schengen countries, you will need to complete the Schengen visa application form online and before you could do that you will need to know the list of Schengen countries. In this article, I will share 8 tips that will help you complete the Schengen visa application.

Before I proceed, you should know that you may need one Schengen visa and that will enable you visit other Schengen countries.

1. You can only apply for a Schengen visa in England/UK if only you hold any of the following types of visas for your UK: spouse visa, unmarried partner visa. This Visa should be valid for at least one full year, ancestral visa, working holiday visa (valid for two years ), Tier 1 (HSMP), Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 (student visa), Work Permit (valid 2 to 4 years), Limited Leave to stay in Britain, Indefinite Leave to Remain in England (ILR).

For those travelling towards the UK on the visitor visa (that’s normally valid for six months), you have to apply for a Schengen visa at your residence COUNTRY, which is Nigeria in this case. I will write about how to apply for a Schengen Visa in Nigeria in my next article.

2. Before booking your vacation, ensure that your visa for your UK is valid not less than 3 months when you are coming back from your trip from a Schengen country.

3. For most of Schengen visas, you should be able to submit an application in three months before your trip date. You’re advised to submit your application not less than two weeks before your journey starts, however for some nationalities, it could take between 3 weeks to a month to process the application for Schengen visa.

4. Your passport have to be valid for at least 3 months after the visa expiry date, also it must contain two blank pages for visa stamps. To obtain a multiple entry visa, your passport has to be valid for more than a year or longer from the date your trip ends.

5. If your passport was issued over 10 years ago, you’ll have to obtain a new passport before you can apply for a new Schengen visa. If your passport was issued within a year, provide your old passport with the current one.

6. For most of Schengen visas, it is possible to apply only once you’ve been in Britain for at least one month, but if you want to have a Schengen visa for Spain – you will need to wait at least six months before you could make your first application.

7. Book appointment with the consulate or visa application centers closest to you in advance before your scheduled trip. During summer time or prior to the bank holidays it may take at least one month waiting time before any available appointment. Do not book your flight until you have your Schengen visa on your hand.

8. Having the correct documentation is the vital key to successful visa application. You must take the passport (s) with a valid visa for the UK stamped inside the passport, photos, visa application form, employment letter or any other type of employment validation form, pay slips, bank statements, hotel confirmation, reserved flight confirmation, and travel insurance. If you’re being sponsored by your spouse, make sure you take your spouse passport and marriage certificate together with you.

List of Schengen Countries:

Below, you will find the list of Schengen countries and you can visit the official website of each country to find out the Schengen visa requirements.


Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany
Greece Hungary Iceland Italy
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden

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