Samsung Rumored to Be Working on Galaxy S7 with 5-Day Battery Life

If the rumors are true that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the first Samsung device out with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and – more significantly with a 5-day battery, it would change mobile communications, and also take a walk over its rivals.

The smartphones launched this year have all been full with new features – faster processing, big screens, super cameras, huge memory, attractive cases, and much more.

None of the handset manufacturers has thought of a battery that carries on for even two days with normal usage.

Any company that brings out a device with a truly more lasting battery would have hurdled much ahead of its rivals. Now, Samsung is proving to be the king of Smartphones, even after claiming 40 percent share of the Indian market.

Samsung is by all accounts doing some research on extending battery life and has apparently spent around $13.8 billion on research work a year ago.

This investment was supported when in June this year, scientists and researchers at the SAIT – Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology – figured out how to delay the life of the standard lithium-ion batteries by using the combination of graphene and silicon.

On the other hand, if this research is integrated into the handsets soon enough, it is possible for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to be launched with a 5-day battery.

Generally, extending the battery capacity to run the various apps and features on a device is the area where most of the handset companies concentrate on now.  This results in the battery having a shorter life.

Apparently, a ‘combination of graphene and silicon can increase the energy density of the batteries by 1.8 times the normal energy”.  It may have a 5.5inch Super AMOLED appearance with 4K resolution.

Camera – It has a 30MP rear camera and a 10-megapixel front camera together with another feature called “Gigapixel” which will allow you to take clearer pictures.

“With such advanced features, Samsung has made available 5G network support for a faster and better performance”.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will probably be launched in March 2016 in order to compete with the iPhone 6s. And if possible, the 5-day battery should be a blow on Apple’s face – The competitor.

Cost – Most recent reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S7 cost will be in the middle of $750 and $850, with the “bump in price being owed to the improved specs and Edge-type display”.

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