Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Have a Pressure-Sensitive Screen: WSJ

Nine months is quite a long time in the Smartphone industry, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Samsung is already getting ready to release the next generation of its Samsung Galaxy S7 which will be among its lead Smartphones.

While the Korean cell phone manufacturer may still be a couple of months away from showing us what’s new in the new Samsung Galaxy S7, the Wall Street Journal has already found out about some of the features we can hope to find in the Galaxy S7.

As reported by the company, Samsung will include a “pressure-sensitive display and a new high-speed charging port” in its new Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7, which is rumored to launch in March.

The company is allegedly considering the consideration of a retina scanner in some versions of its new flagship, though that is not yet set in stone. Like the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung will launch two models: the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

With the consideration of a pressure-sensitive display, Samsung looks set to take after Apple, which is as of now touting “3D Touch” feature. With a USB Type-C port, the Galaxy S7 will charge essentially faster than any other Smartphones, with sources telling the Wall Street Journal that the new Samsung Galaxy Samsung S7 will “allow for a full day’s charge in under 30 minutes and in some cases significantly faster than that.”

An enhanced camera is also said to be coming – one that performs better in low-light and sits flat on the back of the new Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 (the Galaxy S6 has a little plump).

Above all, it doesn’t create the impression that the Galaxy S7 family will differ that much from last year’s models. In any case, Samsung’s new Smartphone boss hopes that he can gauge demand better than its predecessor and avoid making too much (or excessively few) of its popular handsets.

We can expect the Galaxy S7 family to make its announcement in or around Mobile World Congress, which opens on February 22nd, with the handsets going on sale in a few weeks after the debut. The brisk launching is said to be deliberate: Samsung wouldn’t like to let any of its competitors take a walk on the launch date this time around

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