Reasons Why Your U.K Visa Is Taking So Long To Process

I have been receiving many questions on why is my U.K visa taking so long to process.

Sometimes, you hear people complain about the stress involved in applying for U.K visa and even still don’t understand how long does it takes to process a visa if they submit the application at the Visa Centre in person.

You can find out why your immigration application is delayed by contacting the house Office, or perhaps your local MP. You may want to be sure that your passport will be returned in time for a holiday plan you have scheduled, or just be worried about just how long the decision takes.

However, this can be done by yourself instead of paying an expensive lawyer or immigration expert to have it done for you.

Your immigration status in the system

Your immigration status will stay the same as you wait for your new visa if you submitted the approval within the 28 days before your visa ends. If you’re in school, you will have the privilege to work, access education and receive benefits as you wait for a new visa.

If your visa has ended

If you have submitted your application in the 4 weeks after your visa is ended, you will likely lose the legal right to work, access education and receive benefits as you wait for the new visa.

The policies are complicated and that means you should call your local Citizens Advice, or talk to a local solicitor for advice at your earliest opportunity.

U.K Visa Contact Home Office

You can also call the phone number of the Britain Visas and Immigration contact center (Home Business) to find out how long your visa processing is going to take. You can also visit the visa processing times UK.

UK Visas and Immigration contact center

Telephone: 0300 123 2241

Toll: 0800 389 8289

Work Days: Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.45pm. Friday, 9am to 4.30pm.

To call cost 12p for each minute coming from a landline, 3 to 45p from your mobile

The phone line can be busy, so keep in mind you can be waiting for a long time.

You can get asked for a Home Business reference number (sometimes called a ‘case ID’). This number will begin with the first letter of the surname, and followed by 7 numbers. You should have received the Case ID number when you first submitted your application online or in person.

Also, before you can obtain information regarding your application, you’ll be asked some questions to confirm your identity.

Call your U.K MP

In case you’re not happy with the answers you have received with the Home Business Center, it’s recommended that you contact your local MP. Your MP can find out more on the delay and even can speed up the visa application.

Be ready to prepare as much information as it is possible – it’ll help your MP locate your application and should be able to address your questions. For instance, you might need:

  1. Important dates – like the date you submitted the application
  2. Any reference numbers you’ve received in letters or over the phone

In addition, you can still check your UK visa processing time fast track and UK visa processing time after biometrics by visiting the official website of the U.K government

If you have any questions on how to apply for U.K visa from Nigeria. Here is a great article, that described the processes involved and how to submit your UK application online. You can also leave your questions below by using the comment section.

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