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Konga Online shopping has been growing recently and many Nigerians see this giant online store to be among the best online shopping mall in Nigeria. Konga Nigeria ( carries a lot of products like Konga electronics that is one of the most searched items on the Konga website. Konga phones are also widely used in most parts of the country.

The company also allows people to sell goods on the website. To be able to sell on, you need to create an account, select a package from the types of pricing quotes they have. Of course, you need to have the products to sell to customers.

Apart from Konga being the monster when it comes to Pay on Delivery, one of the greatest challenges to running a web-based store, especially in Nigeria is logistics. Since Nigerian online shopping business has been booming due to changes in technology, the Konga group of companies introduced what is called Konga Spaceship.

Spaceship by Konga supports the services of warehousing your products and also manages the ordering and shipping of the products worldwide. This is also called drop shipping in places like the United States of America and UK. To drive the service, Konga has partnered with XL express and Logistics Ltd.

If you are a seller on the big Nigerian e-commerce Konga marketplace, you’re probably knowledgeable about Konga’s orders. Its orders come in trickles, especially if you don’t sell the fast paced items, and you end up finding yourself the need to wait a long time, for orders to stack up, before dropping them off at the delivery centers.

On the other hand, how would you explain the transportation price of dropping off only a single order that may be returned, especially when the item is on its way to a strange town in Nigeria? It’s obvious that approach results in a vicious cycle.

The business is going in the right direction in improving transportation cost, because it is really obvious that the longer a specific product takes to deliver, the customer is likely to reject the item.

Definitely, I would say thanks to the Payment on Delivery model that puts a lot of power at the retention of serious and unserious customers differently.

As mentioned before, the introduction of Konga Spaceship is to bring a seamless flow in delivering orders to buyers, while cutting loses for third party sellers. Spaceship by Konga is obviously inspired by Fulfilment by Amazon, which provides warehousing for third-party sellers’ products as well as manages the delivery of orders nationwide.

Konga Nigeria may be copying Amazon USA, but this is a good development in Nigeria. This presents a prospective win-win situation, either way, both seller or buyers will benefit more using the Konga Marketplace.

By stocking inventory with Konga, sellers can reduce expenses of logistics and the time it takes to deliver a product to customers. Also, they get added benefits of higher inventory management and safety ofthe items.

On the side of the customers (buyers), there’s a possibility for faster delivery times, driving them to be more motivated to spend on products.

In the event orders are rejected or returned, the products are actually restocked back to the seller’s inventory with Konga. There are no restocking fees, which is usually the case before charging on some of the Konga products – like electronics.

In addition, this will reduce extensive instances where returned orders being lost on the road. But, keep in mind that Konga is not running a charity organization, obviously, Spaceship by Konga will cost you as a seller.

To lease a 10.8m x 10.8m x 10.8m cubicle of warehouse space, you will need to cough out ₦3,000 every month. For any 108 cubic meter cubicle that’s, ₦30,000 monthly.

If you’re a large company selling on Konga website, should be thinking about getting more open space, and this will cost more from the price stated here.

The size of the open space is dependent on request and that is ‘negotiable’ from both parties. You’re probably wondering where Konga got the extra room in its warehouse to keep all the products from sellers. Konga is not a small company, this is a giant company and they’re ready to spend the dollar to make things happen in Nigeria.

Also, Spaceship by Konga is made possible by a partnership with XL Express and Logistics Ltd, which provides large inventory and warehouse management for big corporations.

Presently, Spaceship by Konga is operating in over 5 Nigerian cities – Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Benin and Onitsha – and the company plan to expand to more cities in the future, and of course Konga Marketplace may potentially spread beyond Nigeria.

You can read more details about Spaceship by Konga here

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