The Pros and Cons of Using House of Tara Makeup in Nigeria

Freedom is often seen as the birthright of people from different race and gender. And that is where makeup comes in, for example, house of Tara makeup which is widely known in Nigeria. House of Tara is recognized to be among the fastest growing Beauty and Skin Care consulting firm in Nigeria. It offers women the right to appear beautiful. Therefore, this is a boon to modern females who love playing with colors.

Makeup, formerly only belonged to the stage and galleries of theaters, but a few revolutionary women like Elizabeth Arden and Shehnaaz Hussain introduced makeup to normal women from everyday ways of life to look extra-ordinarily beautiful.

It didn’t take a long time for Nigerian ladies understand that makeup could make them beautiful and stunning, as a result it became a fundamental portion of womens’ everyday activity.

By using makeup from house of Tara products, women accentuate their strengths and cover their flaws. Girls as young as 13 years in Nigeria are enthusiastic about lip glosses, Mary Kay, nail enamels and tinted powders. Though, sometimes, this beautiful obsession could be expensive for what it costs and health. Hence, you will need to be aware of the risks and benefits of the Tara house of makeup.

Pros of house of Tara makeup:

It’s no longer a secret as to the reasons Nigerian women are obsessed about Tara cosmetics. It is usually applied efficiently and quickly. Women feel strong, confident and happy when they wear the makeup. Some benefits of wearing house of Tara makeup could be that it helps women to disguise blemishes as well as other flaws on the face. Also helps them highlight facial expression which otherwise would not be as defined without makeup.

However, there are lots of Tara products lined-up on the shelves which suit different complexions, textures of skin, decoration of the faces, and conceal blemishes. A report signifies that older females who used Tara makeup had less falls along with a better posture than others who never or rarely used any makeup. Statistics claim that 67% of females received better treatment from others once they wore house of Tara makeup.

Cons of house of Tara makeup:

Wearing house of Tara makeup everyday can cause serious skin problems. A lot of the cosmetics available in the market contain chemicals, colors, preservatives and additives, a number of them are even toxic.

For instance, lipsticks contain dangerous ingredients including lead. Similarly you’ll find equally harmful substances in blushers, Mary Kay make-up, powders, eye shadows, foundation and many more. A layer of house of Tara makeup on the skin clogs the pores and prevents skin from breathing.

In general, women rarely look into the ingredients of items, nor would they discard them on expiry. House of Tara makeup needs to be worn lightly and not always. It’s very important to remove makeup before retiring for the day or going to bed. Using light house of Tara makeup enhances women’s beauty and appearance.

So as you have read, the main pros and cons of house of Tara makeup depend on how you use it and that gives us an edge over others in our everyday life.





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