The Pros and Cons of Being Homeschooled in Nigeria

All children need an excellent education since they are growing up. This is just a known fact. What isn’t so appear concrete, however, it is how you would want to provide that important education to your kids.

Can you rather have your son or daughter attend a public school? Or how about a school which is privately run at your convenience time? Or perhaps you have confidence in homeschooling children would be the answer you are looking for.

Even though many children actually enjoy all of that a public school offers, such as an active environment and several peer pressure, other children wouldn’t actually benefit as much from this. Of course, you have children, for some reasons only known by the parents, who’re placed in private schools.

But even then, some children tend not to accomplish their best in that environment either. Hence, the alternative for educating your children could be homeschooling them making use of the home school curriculum.

A mother or father always wants what is best for their children; hence the reasons are much different why the choice is made on home school. Apart from the great homeschooling resources with wonderful benefits, you also have a few disadvantages.

Homeschooling Children Can Put An End To Bullying And Teasing

Many parents in Nigeria will home school their children because of the amount of bullying and teasing by other children. No matter what some kids do, they’re going to forever be the object of hateful and harsh bullies.

If your little one has been pushed around, there are ways parents can help. First, contact the teacher. If the bullying continues, seek to see the principal of the school. If none of the methods help, you can consider homeschooling your child.

The main benefit of it can help protect your child and he/she will no longer be subject to cruel bullies.

When your child attends high school/secondary school, the bullying most likely will be a thing of the past. If you can teach your child in your own home throughout elementary school, while still allowing him to encounter social situations and friendships, your kids will be free from the annoying hooligans that now pester them in school.

Home Schooling Children And Teaching The Correct Religious Beliefs

Spiritual doctrines as well as a Christian’s belief are among the main causes for this type of study in children. Many Christian’s families don’t trust the entire world teaching things such as evolution and sex education to their children.

Many Christians also tend not to wish to have their son or daughter endangered by the boozing, cursing, and sexuality found in worldly-minded schools. Rather, they prefer to home school their children.

If you go in this way, you’ll have total control over their homeschooling programs and the courses they are taught. As an alternative to getting your child’s brain occupied with unacceptable things such as their views on sex and scientific theories being instructed as reality, you’ll control the way to train your child about education in your own terms.

Putting A Finish To Your Unhappiness With All The School System

Often a parent or guardians become unhappy with the operation of the local school system in Nigeria. An example of this is that most kindergarten that operate half day before, are now having mandatory full day kindergarten. Don’t you think this should be an option for parents to choose?

Moreover, as a result of standardized testing made mandatory by department of education, many schools claim to be all they do is teaching the kids enough in order for them to pass the tests.

If you should ask, is this a real good learning process? Additionally, some schools send elementary school students home with hours of homework every day.

Where is the family time and if the teacher has your kids for eight hours a day is that not sufficient to instill in them, all that is necessary to grow up to be a productive adult? Some schools allow the kids to sleep all day, provided they are not bothered.

So, as you decide if home schooling is best for you and your kids, and for whatsoever the reasons may be, bear in mind that you are not alone in your choice to home school.

There are many resources that are available for you online and in many educational stores to help you be the best home school teacher out there. Home schooling children in Nigeria are an excellent concept of freedom for most parents.

In overall, it is not about homeschooling, but what you make out of it for your kids. Giving your children the best is the best investment you can have in life.






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