is providing this Privacy Policy to explain our dedication in protecting and respecting your privacy.  This provides information on how we collect, keep and release information we collect from the users of our website. By visiting as a user, you will abide to all the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. These terms can be updated on a regular basis and notification of important changes (update) posted on site.

1. Protecting and respecting your privacy:

In order to keep you and your information safe while visiting, we don’t operate on placard ads, pop ups, or several other type of money-making ads. We don’t distribute the information we collect from you with third parties for advertising intents. does not distribute or send out any unsolicited emails to their members for marketing purposes. Unless stated by a written note subscribing to our daily website, products, services etc. Members account password is protected and always remember to keep your password safe. Remember to close your browser when done, since our main web server use authentication.

Note: we do not allow minors under 13 to post on In case this is done; the posting will be automatically removed by the company. or other users who list/buy at may add links to third party websites, which may have different privacy practices. We are not responsible for any control over, the privacy policies of those third party websites, and encourage all visitors of this website to read the privacy policies of each and every website visited.

2. What we do with the Data collected: collect some information from the users such as email addresses, personal information provided during a feedback, contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card information .We may use all these information collected for purposes such as confirmation emails, validating member accounts, provision of subscription emails, sending out of self-publishing, registering for forum, for billing purposes during listing. We may also collect your phone number for account verification reasons, and may provide this information to a third party for further confirmation of the account. do not store the information collected about your credit card or other forms of payment provided. Members’ credit card information during any transactions are transmitted to a financial institution and protected by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

IMPORTANT: Be warned never to post any personal information such as Social Security Card numbers, Tax Ids, Date of birth, Account numbers etc on forums or Ads/listing as this is not safe. We sometimes collect web log entries for browser type and other languages, as well as your IP address etc. These help us administer our system well; improve our site and service to our members. NOTE: preserve the right to divulge information regarding their members if obligated to do so by law and such disclosure is rationally essential to respond court orders, or other legal procedures. may also reveal information about its users to law enforcement agents, believing that that such disclosure is rationally needed to: implement our Terms of Use; respond to other problems that may arise from the users such as the violation of the rights of third-parties, personal security of members or the general public.

Note:  Foreign Countries Visitors: You agree and abide to the policy, by using our web site and making your information available to us; you accept and agree that your information obtained from you can be used for international measures of our website. You acknowledge and understand that may use the data provided to us for the intentions stated in this policy or during other contacts with you, as well as the release of these information outside your country of residence. Also, be advised that by making such information available to us, you are asking to store them inside our database located in the United States.

3. Information we keep:

We keep all ads and stuffs posted in inside our database for a period of time, even when it is deleted by the members and may be filed to a different place. Our web log entries for browser type and other languages are stored indefinitely. Also, we store the update made by registered account holders through their account homepage. Although tries to keep this information collected in their secure database that is not accessible by the community, we do not guarantee complete security.

4. Cookies:

“Cookies” are small piece of information sent by a web server to store on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. This is helpful for having the browser remember some specific information. Cookies make it possible for site to remember some basic information you transmitted during registration by the web server onto the user’s computer so that the information might be available for later access by itself or other servers and this enhances the effectiveness our website exploration. Essentially our cookies are able to track down some information, such as users computer’s browser and Internet service provider and your online log entries and outlines. Remember, most browsers are automatically configured to allow or receive cookies without their knowledge or consent. In most cases, the access to cookies and the storage of personal information into it go unnoticed. As a result, web servers automatically gain access to relevant cookies whenever the user launches a connection to them, sometimes in the form of Web requests. Users are highly advised to modify the settings on their browsers to alert them when cookies are being sent to them. For more information about cookies visit

5. Our Privacy Policy Change: reserves the right to update our privacy policy at any time. If future changes are made to this edition of the Privacy policy, a notification of this will be posted on the website. However, your constant uses of our website even after the update will constitute to your agreement with our new updated privacy policy. If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us by using the feedback form or

6. Feedback: You are allowed to leave a feedback for other members know how they served you.