President Muhammadu Buhari Vows to Defeat Terror in Nigeria (To Become History)

Nigeria – President Muhammadu Buhari has said Boko Haram terrorism and also their philosophy will soon be defeated and crushed to become history.

“According to him, “we are rapidly degrading their defensive and offensive capabilities and their end is near”.

He further emphasized his administration’s commitment to ending the exercises of the dreaded murderers called Boko Haram and also turning their ideology into history.

The President which was represented by his Vice Prof. Yemi Osinbajo at the graduating service of Senior Executive Course 37 members of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies in Kuru, that is close to the state of Jos.

“The President maintained that, “However, the more crucial task confronting us, is the task of defeating the false and evil ideology of violent extremism”. The president stated with confidence

We have to build the civic competence to be able to defeat and destroy the dangerous premises and assumption of deadly extremism.

“Never again should we allow mindless violence inspired by false and evil precepts to threaten our national security.”

“Let me call on persons or groups in the Country who have some grievances or dissatisfaction to submit to peaceful and democratic means of expressing themselves. Your right to protest is limited by the right of others to safety and peaceful coexistence.”

According to Leadership, Newspaper recalled that as a major part of his campaign and inauguration promises made by the president on May 29, the President charged the National Institute the Nation research organization to think of an arrangement of a proposition for a comprehensive investigation of the scourges confronting the country with a view to preventing future occurrences in the Country knowing fully well that the Institute played a basic part in the use of key strategies to the country’s development and advancement.

He congratulated the 63 members of Course 37 on their graduation, and also their submitted report on the graduation day.

President Buhari kept to his word that education and defeating of Boko Harm in the Country are still in his agenda and should be considered be seen in a dangerous parlous state.

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