Politics in Nigeria: Impact of Politics in Our Daily Lives

It is a sad to say, but it’s unfortunate in a normal view that politics is unrelated to everyday life. It is identified with legislators, political parties in Nigeria and official business that the average person knows nothing about, and should not have a problem with, especially when it comes to the political news in Nigeria. In Nigeria, politics isn’t just about the government. It’s ultimately about power.

Politics in Nigeria today is  a terrible situation that governmental issues is about do or die life when it comes to politics. You should know that life is about how you view the political crisis in Nigeria today. The government make decisions that affect our life everyday -political instability. We all know this, obviously. So, to what extend do we really practice it?

For a country to move forward, it’s the people that must take their future into their own hands. A country is the people, an entity, a concept; all of which are about more than a “nation” as defined politically, but about us and our lives (politic in Nigeria). To be a Nigerian is to love yourself and where you came from, though this is not the case when it comes to the latest political parties in Nigeria – PDP and APC.

In addition, to be politically conscious is to think about your life. When we consider politics to be something distant, we overlook how personal it truly is.

Nigeria society changes according to politics. Think of Sudan today and 50 years back. We’ve all forgotten how the ladies used to wear short dresses and bars were open for the general public. Today, such things do not exist anymore. The Sudanese people changed in connection with the government upholding Islamic Sharia Law. Unlike what’s happening in Northern Nigeria today.

These laws were enforced on us, especially the generation that knows only this type of government, changed us and shaped the people of North, not as an individual but rather as a society that believe that killing the Christians are right. We have turned out to be all we believe as a religion with emphasis set on the outward appearances and differences.

Nigeria had issues about Sharia laws in 1983, which divided Nigeria towards Sharia Law and the similar notorious incident started again about Boko Haram that kill innocent people in Nigeria among subjective punishments and judgments that Western education is bad.

Crackdowns on the party politics in Nigeria, you’ll find that kids are involved in the disastrous acts, according to some of the breaking news in Nigeria. Just for conformity, I assume, and unexpected for sure. Regardless, these laws have shaped our lives and the ways we view the politics in this nation.

The government advises the public on how to spend your money, what to do, how to act and even what time/how much dollar you can transfer abroad. Not by our choice, but rather by a government that has decided that we need social direction and decency, and by their standards we can just come if there’s a need to vote for them.

At the point when one lives, mindful of the significance of politics in Nigeria, aware that every action has an effect on our daily life, mindful that your personal behavior is not the repercussion of just you and those around you, but it is also a result of governance, one can accept why it’s worth fighting for. The best route forward for Nigeria is to recognize this, acknowledge it, and put it into practice.

When we understand that a better government is not one that would simply have the idea of “democratically elected”, improve infrastructure here and there and resolve our financial needs, but one that will effectively add to our regular life to improve things, then maybe we’ll choose something that is worth fighting for – Democracy in Nigeria.

Because you can ask people to vote for you with false promises does not mean, the government have the ability to choose how we live our lives. The two registered political parties in Nigeria must work together to correct the view “Politics is a dirty game” in our country.

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