Passport Renewal: How to Renew a Nigerian Passport in UK

In comparison with how things were in the past decade, it is now relatively easy to secure a new Nigerian passport or renew an expired Nigerian passport in England. The reason being the Nigerian High Commission has automated their professional services, thereby reducing the time-wasting bureaucracy representing the procedure a decade ago.

This is definitely great news for the people with permanent UK residency as they require a new passport attached to their residency status before they can travel to Nigeria.

The convenience has provided an unlikely price because all applicants must get to the Nigerian Consulate in West End of the town in London regardless of where they reside in the United Kingdom.

The real reason for that is most common with the Nigerian government. Also it would help many people to renew e-passport when they brought the support center closer or perhaps to a more central place, or open other satellite offices in Britain.

The opening of a new consulate in Manchester City could be a little help to many Nigerians living in the UK, although Nigerian High Commission’s official website has not confirmed if the new consulate will handle any Nigerian passport renewal process. Online passport application has been issues for many living in the UK, even to have the Nigerian passport renewed through Nigerian passport renewal online portal has been a problem too.

However, many would say just to handle online application passport and since the government are not able to apply for the renewal of one’s Nigerian passport at the exact location, they would rather forget about the passport renewal.

But the question remains, how would you renew a Nigerian Passport in the United Kingdom? Well, the answer to this question is simple and the first thing you need to know is that the process can be divided broadly into two stages. You should be prepared to work hard on the day you choose to renew Nigerian passport.

The first stage would be the internet application for renewal as well as the second stage that involves visiting the Nigerian Consulate either in Manchester or London to finalize the application form process which requires your physical presence as an applicant.

This procedure is simple because it is usually completed in the comfort of your home or office, if you have access to high speed internet. Below you will find how to renew Nigerian passport while you’re in the UK.

1. The ultimate place to start out is your web application process by visiting the Nigerian embassy’s official website and type the URL in your browser.

2. When you are one the website, scroll to the passport link that’s located on the homepage.

3. Keep in mind that clicking on the link can send you to another webpage where you will find the necessary requirements for renewing your passport.

4. Read the requirement carefully, then scroll to the end of the page to locate the option that relates to your position.

5. The option you choose from option# 4 above will take you to another page which is the homepage of the Nigerian Immigration Service.

6. At the navigation pane at the top, click ‘Apply Online’.

7. This may give you two types of passport to apply for: Standard e-Passport and Official e-Passport

8. Choose the Standard e-Passport and follow the instruction to complete the required information, then you will arrive at the payment page to pay with Master Card.

After the payment is completed, you will be directed to a third party website named SW Global LLC. Once, you’re on that site, you’ll be required to start the Nigerian Passport renewal Application by logging into SW Global website.

If the payment has been created successfully and received, you’ll receive an acknowledgement email along with information that have been updated in the SW Global website.

The information includes everything you’ll need to take with you once you go to the Nigerian consulate offices for the second phase of the Nigerian passport renewal process.

From that point, your expired Nigerian passport has been completed through the electronic passport renewal portal and your payment slip will be emailed to the email address provided during registration.

After that print out a copy of the application, the confirmation slip page for e-Passport application, booking slip for appointment and the applicable fee paid for the application. This will serve as an evidence when you go int the second phase of the Nigerian Passport renewal.

The fun part starts now, the last task with this part would be for you to visit the Commission website once again to book an appointment. Once you’re on the website, under the Immigration navigation bar, look for the e-Passport appointment booking portal.

You will also need to provide your ID, a reference number given to you when you completed the application, and  schedule an appointment to see the Nigerian Consulate.

Since you have created an online appointment and in many case reserves a slot for you, you still need to join the queue whenever you arrive at the consulate center as the services are carried out on first-come-first-served basis.

It is not possible to book 24 hour appointment and for that reason you should have the required time to travel to the Consulate center. On the day of appointment, you’ll be required to appear at the embassy with the above listed documents.

Make sure you carry all the documents, because if you fail to do so could mean you have wasted your time and expense since they will not attend to you and will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Visit the High Commission website for a phone number to call before you head out of your house. Calling the commission will help for any inquiries so that everything is in order before you start the journey to the embassy.

Considering that the documents must be in a printed form, make sure that you have copies of required documents printed and filed in a big envelope. The embassy does not have free printers you can use and you’ll lose your turn if you leave and come back.

If you’re unable of print them, the High Commission service center gives applicants the opportunity to upload the documents on their website, but you will be required to reschedule to come back. Plan your trip accordingly.

Before it is your turn to be called to the window to see the High commissioner or representative, you will be presented with a card number which requires you to wait until you are called.

When you are called, you may be asked to pay for your documents prior to being asked to wait in the bio-metric waiting room after which you will be invited to the room, before your bio-metrics are taken.

Once your bio-metric is taken and entered into the system, you’ll be furnished with a receipt containing your own personal details together with deadline date to receive your new e-Passport in the mail.

Renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK is not an easy process, so you have to be prepared before you think about completing the Nigerian passport renewal application online.

Good luck!


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