Nigerian Idol Registration Form: Complete Process and How to Grab Yours Fast

The Nigerian Idol is very popular in Nigeria and it’s also a low form of the Idol series franchise that is similar to American Idol.

The owner of this program has performed a great number of series, and the Nigerian Idol 2016 registration is online, easy to download and filled without any problem. The Nigerian Idol is a program sponsored by Etisalat.

It’s a TV program, which gives young, vibrant Nigerians the opportunity of showcasing their musical talent to the world and winning a lifetime changing award.

The show started its first season in year 2010 and was titled season 1, and the shows are in season # 6 now. In case you have plans of attending the show, you’ll be provided with the information on how to register for Nigerian Idol online. Read on to learn more.

However, the winner of Nigerian Idol goes home with a grand prize of 7.5M Naira and a new car. This can be a chance some people that is searching for ways to prove to the world they’re able to sing.

Don’t even think you know how to sing in Nigeria until you get to the Nigerian Idol TV series, where you have talented singers to take on and judges to review your skills. It is possible to give yourself a trial, of course, if you’re lucky, you could be the next winner of Nigerian Idol.

How to Get Nigerian Idol Registration Form

As stated before, to get your hands on the Nigerian Idol registration form is not hard. In this post, I will show you how to get started with the Nigerian Idol registration form and be ready for the event.

The process is certainly not as difficult as a lot of people are thinking it could be. First, we will go through the requirements in order for you to be eligible. This is to help you get your mind at rest on what you will be required of, and  you can prepare yourself well and know if you qualify for the contest or not.

Requirements for Nigerian Idol

The competition is limited to certain requirements, to be considered entitled to the Nigerian Idol contest you’ve to be a citizen of Nigeria. Also, you must be considered a permanent resident of Nigeria before you’re allowed to participate in the program. You must be eligible to full-time work in Nigeria.

In addition to the requirements described above, you have to remember that the Nigerian Idol program has a limited age for you to be eligible to participate, and the show is ready to accept anyone between the 16 and 28 years of age during the time of the registration.

Anyone less or higher this age limit will automatically be disqualified. The show is restricted with other participants who have already participated in previous seasons and people from West African Idol are also not eligible to participate in the Nigerian Idol.

During the Nigerian Idol show, you have to be able to prove to the corporation that you don’t have any contract with any of the organizers. This can be to keep up the genuine reason behind the show and assure the viewers you have no relationship or contract with some of the participants in the contest.

You should not have any agreement that affect users of your likeness, voice or name, you must not have any music recording contract, you cannot hire anyone or pay fans and you cannot have any exclusive acting contract on the behalf anyone in the contest.

If you feel you’ll pass the above requirements, and then I will have to say congratulation, the next move should be how to register for the Nigerian Idol.

How to Register for Nigerian Idol

Remember that the registration to Nigerian Idol starts 2 days before the audition day. To register for that event you have to visit the registration venue to order your form and you can equally register in the morning of the audition if you were unable to register within the first two days. However, I recommend that you register on time so that you’re not considered too late for the registration.

The registration usually starts from 8 am and it’s also spread across several cities in Nigeria. The registration will continue before morning, during the day of the audition. The date is usually updated for the Nigerian idol website, and you need to check out the website to get an update about the date. The official website of Nigerian Idol is .

Currently, the venues for the registration of Nigerian Idol are at Calabar, Enugu, Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna. You’re advised to visit the official website regularly for a new location. And remember the locations for the registration is subjected to change at any time without your consent.

Requirements for Nigerian Idol Registration

While going out for the registration you are required to come along with a 2 Photo ID card on the registration day. The specified ID must have your birth date on it, that should serve as a proof of your real age and it should show your picture photograph also.

To get strong evidence, you can also go with your birth certificate or driver’s license and even voter’s registered card. You are able to bring a family member or a friend to come with you to the audition. The person that you will likely be choosing must appear with you at the registration stage so that he/she could be provided with a seat ticket.

Note: you or the person that would accompany you is not allowed to bring a child below the ages of 5 years.

On the audition day, you are required to bring the wristband you’re given on the day of registration to the venue of the audition, and you are also not permitted to use any clothing/dress that would have designer names to the audition venue.

If that is the case, and you’re a regular reader of this blog we will help you keep an eye on this year’s Nigerian Idol registration day and alert you once we hear back from the producers.

In order to receive the updates, you need to visit this page regularly if this is the program you’re interested.  You can also leave your comment below by using your active email address which we can alert you as soon as the registration is about to start.

Good luck with Nigerian Idol




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