What You Need to Ace the CCNA Exam in Nigeria

The CCNA Certification Exam (640-802 CCNA) has changed with time, in fact, it is not enough to simply rely on one type of CCNA study material (usually books) to get ready for the CCNA exam. I’ll outline several CCNA preparation materials that will be essential if you would like to ace the exam through self-study.

1. CCNA Books

I respect CCNA books because the materials are a must-have source of CCNA exam preparation. The Sybex books (Todd Lammle) and also the Cisco Press titles (exam preparation and self-study) are the most used and comprehensive study materials for the CCNA exam. Ensure that you get the Cisco CCNA book that’s up-to-date with the most up-to-date exam syllabus.

2. CCNA Lab Simulation or Lab Equipment

Given the amount of focus on the-3 CCNA simulation questions in the exam, you should find some good hands-on experience with the configuration of Cisco IOS devices. If you’re lucky to get access to the actual lab equipment, that would be amazing. However, for the typical CCNA candidate real equipment wouldn’t be an option. Luckily, there are other affordable CCNA simulators around which should cover sufficient ground for the exam.

3. Practice Exams

Time management is important throughout the CCNA exam. Typically, you’ll need to answer 50-60 questions in a 90 minute period. Including 2-3 simulation questions and several other time consuming questions. The best practice exams possess a simulation engine to help you get an understanding of the real exam. Also, many of the good CCNA books come included with a simulation engine and, of course with practice questions.

4. Audio/Video CCNA Material (Optional)

Although, I marked this as optional study material for the CCNA exam, I’ve found out that many CCNA candidates have little time to study for that exam, because of other commitments. One extremely useful way I have found out is to study throughout the long commute to work or school.

There are devices out there which allow you to listen to the CCNA study material (in the audio and/or video form) with an iPod or other media device to study on the go. We have also found that it’s much better to absorb the material presented in an audio format, because it is very flexible to just skip to the final chapter on an iPod.

5. BootCamp Program

You could be wondering what your best options for CCNA exams is good for you. While you can find several training materials online, another available option in addition to the above mentioned materials is to attend a bootcamp program. For standard CCNA classes, you might work with the CCNA exam institutes. The industry is quite competitive and you want to build your spot now.

A bootcamp will also give you the necessary education in days as opposed to years. Anyone can conclude that a shorter training period will assist you to improve in the workforce faster. Certainly, you need to choose the right CCNA training course, because Cisco training is not the same with other IT certifications.

In conclusion, motivation is the first element you should embrace with your CCNA studies. Before even advancing with your studies, you should be clear about why you’re going to study for CCNA certification. Why I choose the professional certification, what work awaits you to achieve that? Answering these questions are not always straightforward and affects the way your studies go!

Good luck with your CCNA Exam Preparation!


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