MTN Nigeria Internet Data Bundle Plans, Subscription Codes And Prices

We have previously written about the Etisalat new data plan on Nigerian Networks Internet Data Bundle Plans and Activation Codes in addition to android friendly internet data plan for mobile phones. In case, you missed that article, follow the link below:

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Today, we’re going to write about the current MTN Nigeria internet data subscription plan along with the activation codes for simple usage of internet via PC and smartphones.

We are presenting today’s list in a different way, beginning with the recommended plans, after which we’ll dive into the other plans in full.

Recommended MTN Data Bundle Plans:

1. MTN Nigeria 250MB plan (N1,300)

Your plan enables you to enjoy 325MB (250MB 75MB bonus) of internet data for 30 days (24/7) which is perfect for anyone to experience the features available in your phones and low-end smartphones.

To activate, dial *109# or text 109 to 131.

2. MTN Nigeria 3GB Night plan (N2,500)

This plan enables you to enjoy 4.5GB (3GB 1.5GB bonus) of data for thirty days (The 1.5GB bonus can be used at any time during the day. But when you have used up this bonus, you’ll be allowed to use the 3GB data reserve for night period, that’s 9pm to 6am every single day).

Experts recommend for use on your computer and then for university students and/or working class people that do most of their browsing activities during the late hours in the night.

To activate, dial *102# or text 102 to 131.

3. MTN Nigeria 4.5GB Night and Day plan (N2, 500)

This new internet data bundle subscription plan is almost like the Night plan (explained above), but this plan is better because it splits your data plans into a double part: 1.5GB to be used in the daytime and 3GB to be used throughout the night.

Which means that from 6.01am and 8.59pm, your online usage will be deducted from your 1.5GB data meant for the day. And between 9.00pm and 6.00am, your internet usage will be deducted from the 3GB data.

It is recommended for use on high-end android phones, tabs, iPhone, iPad and PDA(s) where most surfing is done during the day time and downloading of apps and games during the night.

To activate, dial *120# or text 120 to 131.

MTN Nigeria Internet Data Bundle Plans, Activation Codes & Prices in Full

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To check any available updates on the most recent and/or latest MTN bundle packages and activation code – Follow this link for MTN Nigeria official data plans updates


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