More Than 30 People Killed in Yola, North-East Nigeria Bombing

KADUNA, Nigeria (AFP) — More than 30 people were killed when a bomb cut through a crowded group of people in Yola, Northeast of Nigeria on Tuesday, the Red Cross and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) told AFP.

“As such, we’ve recorded around 32 dead and around 80 injured,” said NEMA director for Yola Sa’ad Bello, though, the Red Cross gave a slightly lower toll of 31 dead and 72 injured.

“Since 2009, the horror has increased incrementally,” according to ABC News. “Suicide bombers were virtually unknown until 2011. This past week, those children were used as suicide bombers is something entirely new. And then a little more than a year ago, the use of women as suicide bombers, that was entirely new. It certainly isn’t anymore.”

One of the Boko Haram’s pronounced goals is to overthrow the Nigerian government, and a large portion of its attacks have been concentrated on the rural, northeastern segments of the country, but have been spreading south and west after some time.

You can likewise see that Boko Haram has also turned out to be more successful in Nigeria, controlling now, maybe 20 percent of Nigeria’s region and the government has turned out to be essentially less effective in battling them.

What do you think about the Boko Haram’s killings in Nigeria? How do you think the government will curtail them? I would like to hear your thoughts by leaving your comment below.


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