MASSOB: Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra Activist Accused of Terrorism in Nigeria

Abuja (AFP) -An activist campaigning for a separate state of Biafra in southeast Nigeria will be investigated for “terrorism and terrorism financing”, his lawyer said on Monday.

Nnamdi Kanu, whose arrest last week has sparked a wave of protests, is charged with criminal conspiracy and intimidation and also membership of your illegal organization.

Kanu will be the director of Radio Biafra that your government has accused of being “seditious” in addition to broadcasting “hate speech”, along with a founding father of the banned Indians of Biafra (IPOB) group.

He was escorted to a magistrate’s court in the capital on Monday carrying out a ruling yesterday when Nigeria’s secret police, the Department of State Services (DSS), did not produce him.

But the proceedings were adjourned until December 1 after the prosecutors requested the case to be tried in a higher court.

Kanu’s lawyer, Vincent Egechukwu, told reporters the DSS had secretly obtained an order at the Federal High Court on November 10 for his continued custody.

The order enables the DSS “to detain (Kanu) in its custody for a period of ninety days pending the conclusion of the ongoing investigation of terrorism and terrorism financing”, he stated.

Kanu has denied the first charges and was previously granted conditional bail, but the DSS refused to release him, arguing the stipulations for his release was not met.

Kanu, who may have become the new figurehead for Biafran separatists, located court put on a light-blue shirt having a white collar and sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

He was surrounded by lots of armed security men, but waved and smiled to well-wishers away from court. Afterwards, he was whisked away in a security vehicle.

Pro-Biafran activists have renewed their claim for any separate state, arguing the southeast region continues to be neglected by way of a succession of federal governments since the end of the civil war.

The conflict from 1967 to 1970, which left some one million dead mainly from starvation and disease, was sparked when Biafran leaders unilaterally declared independence from Nigeria.

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