List of U.S Study Abroad Scholarships and Grants For International Students

I have been receiving a lot of questions about study abroad scholarships in Nigeria. First, I was confused about the question, until I was able to find websites Nigerian students can search for scholarships for international students.

There are many scholarships to study abroad you could find online, such as scholarship in USA, undergraduate scholarships, full scholarships for international students and PhD scholarships.

However, a variety of organizations and institutions provide scholarships to study abroad as international students in America. Many provide assistance that’s targeted to specific student populations (underrepresented student groups from third world countries like Nigeria African Americans, Indians, Ghanaians and many other foreign students that need help in financing their education programs

The list provided below is a U.S. study abroad scholarships and grants. These websites provide a good starting point for research on information and resources on multiple study abroad scholarships.

The websites give you a good starting point for research for many study abroad scholarship opportunities available online.

Take a moment and go through the websites/links and find out if you can find scholarship in USA.

Sites with searchable databases

Universities scholarship sites

Other places

  • Black Excel: One of the largest scholarship and resource databases for African American students.

In conclusion, I hope you could utilize these scholarship databases in order to find scholarships for study abroad and full scholarships for international students in USA.

Let me know if you have any further questions by using the comment section below.

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