KPMG Internship Program: How to Apply in Nigeria

If you’re a recent graduate from University in Nigeria or still in school you may be looking for places to do your internship.

KPMG internship program is among the best choice for you. Although, you have PWC internship, AIESEC internship and the Deloitte summer internship, the KPMG Internship Program is considered the best among the programs out there for students who had previous internship with the company.

The KPMG openings are everywhere on job boards, but the question remains how would anyone get an internship careers at KPMG. Read on to find out how the internship at KPMG works.

KPMG Internship Application Process

KPMG recruitment is happening almost every day and the company accepts applications through their online job postings, while KPMG graduate recruitment is selected at university career centers. Interested students for KPMG job openings should contact their school’s career center.

Application Deadline

Most applications are due approximately 9 months before each KPMG Internship program start date. Check with the job center for specific deadlines.

KPMG Internship Program Requirements

  • Effective communication, leadership, and time management skills
  • Strong technical ability to meet our business objectives
  • Ability to work as a team and strive for personal effectiveness and professionalism to hold an excellent client service
  • Desire for a profession in public accounting or consulting fields
  • Three or more years of education from an accredited college/university when you start your internship or must be seeking a degree before the end of the internship program in Engineering or IT-related degree. Some other degrees will probably be considered.
  • 2017 interns should have targeted graduation dates from December 2017 through summer 2018

In overall, an internship program at KPMG is a great way to learn business skills, partner with a mentor, build your network, and secure real-world (even global) experience before graduation.

Also, an internship can equally result in a full-time job! Internships are a good way for anyone just like you to connect together with countless opportunities at KPMG.

To apply for Summer Internship at KPMG, click on this link to start your application immediately.

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