Jumia Online Shopping: 5 Hacks That Will Help You Get the Best Deals in Nigeria

Online Shopping in Nigeria does not imply that you’re waiting in a long line to buy items from a grocery store, there is no need to go through the lines to check-out after your purchase or wading through crowds of fellow customers. You can keep away from the trick stores use to offer you some discounts, making you spending more than you initially budgeted.

However, trusted online stores like Jumia Online shopping website aren’t without their own tricks to make you buy more items like Jumia phones and electronics.

Next time you’re surfing the web for online deals on Jumia store, try a couple of these hacks below that will help you get the best deals in Nigeria and see how you can save on Jumia ng

Try buying items in a “two-stage process.” First, visit the Jumia Nigeria website, find out the items that suits your needs, and add it to your shopping cart. Then, close the browser window and wait for a short time.

1. Leaving your Online shopping Cart

Leaving your seat and closing your shopping cart shows Jumia you’re thinking about purchasing an item on the website, and these urges Jumia Online shopping website to entice you with a deal. “Expect a coupon or promo of some sort to appear in your email inbox and tips on how to start online shopping”,

2. Use online Shopping as a trial for bargaining power.

Suppose you’re checking items on Konga online shopping website and at the same time browsing on Jumia online shopping in Nigeria. You happen to find the one item you like, but it’s not discounted. This is the time to whip out your cell phone and find out which of these online shopping websites have the best deal— but don’t buy it. “Rather than buying it from your Smartphone, call the customer service to find out if they’ll match the price you found on another site, giving you a moment to bargain and instant discount.

3. Try not to be tricked by the free shipping.

Most online shops in Nigeria offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount of money on their website, but don’t be fooled by the trick. Free shipping doesn’t mean a deal on the real item you’re buying. “Because shipping is free, it doesn’t make the overall purchase a great deal— compare the total cost with other online shopping websites in Nigeria before you click checkout.”

4. Bookmark your most loved brands.

For every one of those brands you find out there on the Jumia Online shopping website:  bookmarking the corporate website of your most loved brands will work best, since that may be the place you find great deals. “Manufacturers sometimes feature print-at-home coupons there to help drive traffic,”

5. Clear your Cache/browser.

You should know that giant online shopping websites like Jumia Nigeria will probably offer deals or coupons to new customers as an incentive to “close the deal.” Creating a unique “shopping” profile in your browser can trick merchants into thinking you’re a new customer each time you visit their site.

If you’d rather not take the opportunity to create a unique profile, you can simply assign one browser that you use for shopping only. For example, if you only use Chrome, you may need to shop with Firefox, and try to constantly clear your browser cache or cookies after you’re done with online shopping. There are online instructions on the most skillful ways to do this in most browsers out there.

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