Jobs Nigeria: 7 Lists of Hot Jobs in Nigeria to Know About in 2015

After a couple of weeks of research and explorations we have compiled lists of the hot jobs in Nigeria to watch out for in 2015. The rating is based on the entry level to mid-level positions earned in the hot Nigerian jobs from different states, as well as one of Nigeria’s leading career and jobs websites who have released what is called 100 Best Companies in Nigeria to work for in 2015.

Employment in Nigeria has turned out to be more like a lottery these days considering the number of people out there currently searching for various types of jobs in Nigeria at the time being.

To have the ability to find your latest jobs in Nigeria in any state of Nigeria, you should be the best you can to identity job vacancy, both as a part of your personality and skills.

Still, there are hot jobs in Nigeria for you, provided you are qualified, stable jobs as far as Nigeria is concerned. This article will reveal to you exactly the type of hot jobs in Nigeria to enable you to land yourself great positions in Nigeria and how much each job pays in 2015.

Before I continue, how about we explore the Nigerian job market and try to separate the reasons you’re thinking that it’s hard to get your dream jobs.

The dream of every undergrad in Nigeria is to get a decent and well-paying job the minute he is through with youth services. Everybody normally has this philosophy immediately you’re out of college; the next step is to go find a place to work.

It doesn’t make a difference, even though you can even create the job yourself, every Tom, Dick, and Harry just go hunting for a job in order to make a living once they have the certificates.

We have carefully compiled the lists from entry level to mid-level pay ranges in our forecasts below.

Also, we interviewed different Nigerian members from forums and expert sites, did interviews with insiders on the various concerned enterprises, in addition, carried out an in depth analysis of the pay ranges for the hot jobs in Nigeria published in newspapers in Nigeria from 2014 to 2015 before we arrived at these projections below.

However, the lists are not complete because you can still find different strategies how people compare the jobs from other websites, but our lists are very much explored projection of hot jobs in Nigeria that will be regarded as the most lucrative in 2015 in the interpretation of the data gathered from different sources.

Here Are Our List of Hot Jobs in Nigeria to Know About in 2015

No 1: Investment Bankers

Investment bankers help companies, governments and their agencies raise money by issuing and offering securities in the primary business. They help public and private companies in raising funds in the capital markets (both equity and debts), and also on giving vital strategic advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and different types of financial relations.

“They normally work with Hedge Funds, Banks, Asset Management organizations, Investment advisory and consulting firms and so forth. Mid-level or more senior investment bankers that can pull in around N13 million in yearly pay (bonuses excluded).

Salary Ranges: N4.5 – N8.64 million

No 2: Commercial Airline Pilots

Pilots in Nigeria may not be earning as much as you think a few years back, but in the Nigeria current job market, and the country’s plan for more airlines, transportation in the aviation sectors in 2015; Pilots with a great number of flight hours behind them will earn more. Pilots with more flight hours could earn up to N11 million each per annum.

Salary Ranges: N3.8 – N7.4 million for every annum.

No 3. Telecom/IT Engineers

IT engineers are in charge of the implementation of all software and hardware solutions in a company and the position may involve training other lower engineers in an organization, in the areas of software or hardware, administration tasks and support.

As the IT and telecom businesses shine more in 2015, those that are more skilled in IT and Telecom engineers will be in more demand and overall will earn more as time goes on in 2015, Nigeria news today website reported

Salary Ranges: N3.6 – N6.9 million

No 4. Computer Hackers & Programmers

The demand for hackers and developers in Nigeria are elevating linked to skills in JavaScript, PHP, Java and JQuery are also in the rise; and we anticipate a more lucrative atmosphere for highly skilled programmers and software engineers.

Skilled Hackers are rare to find in Nigeria and the situation won’t likely improve much in 2015. Skilled Hackers work to improve Cyber security, counteract security prevention and maintain the security of web and online platforms

Salary range: N2.8 – N6.48 million

No 5. Project Managers

Project Managers most time plan, lead a team working on projects and execute on different duties involving managing portfolios within the organizations. While project managers pay rates shift depending upon the size of the business, senior project managers are expected to be well experienced who most time complete and oversee driven activities running from setting up a new manufacturing plant to roll out of telecom products and so on. Senior project manager jobs in Telecoms, big manufacturing firms, oil & gas, banking, FCMG earn big salary per annum

Pay Ranges: N3.45 – N6.45 million for each annum.

No 6. Petroleum/Chemical/Electrical/Mechanical Engineers (Oil and Gas)

Whether you are working in the upstream or downstream, engineers in the Oil companies will keep on taking home bigger pay checks and bonuses. Highly skilled engineers in mechanical, electrical and petrochemical areas of building will be among the best paid jobs in Nigeria come 2015 and upwards.

Pay Ranges: N3.5 – N6.3 million

No 7. Doctors – Obstetrics/Gynecologists

Those that examine female patients to ensure everything regarding female reproduction is in sound growing framework. Monitors patient during pre-birth, natal and post-natal periods and performs tests and prescribes medication and treatment, as required are essential.

Doctors in this category help to deliver babies, deciding on the procedure most appropriate to guarantee the well-being and security of both baby and mother during birth. This specialization requires a degree in Medicine from any accredited schools in Nigeria and abroad and will be authorized to practice after graduation. Pay changes significantly depending on the area of practice.

Pay Ranges: N3 – N4 million

Now that you know the hot jobs in Nigeria, it is good you start planning ahead so that you can get sophisticated if you want find the latest job vacancies in Nigeria today

An author of Matthew Epstein is a good example of how you can get sophisticated in your job search – He was a guru that wanted a job at Google although Google did not advertise the job vacancy he wanted. To read more about this great author, visit his personal website, with the name

Well, overall, I used to picture how life would be if everybody has jobs they could call their own! There is dignity in labor and you can never compare the joy you have when you have a job, especially in the current Nigerian economy to those that do not have anything to offer.

However, do everything you can to keep yourself occupied with something beneficial. Your life is your choice. Let’s know what you think in the comment area below.

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