How to Write a Cover Letter and Land Your Dream Job

You’ve probably heard it so often that applying for a job need a good cover letter? Although, you can find a good cover letter samples online, but the problem is always how the cover letter templates are permanently etched into your mind – So, it is a good idea to write a cover letter for resume submission.  How to write a cover letter or where can I find a sample cover letter is always the question you hear from job seekers. Is it even that important to have one before applying for a job?

Yes, it’s important, In fact, a cover letter provides an introduction of who you’re to your potential employer and may reach this in a more personalized way than your resume alone ever could. It’s important that you know how to write a cover letter that communicates what you are as a person. You can use your cover letter to give the interviewer an idea of who you are and why you’re a good fit for the job. This would be a perfect time about you in your job cover letter, for resumes are the purpose to let them know about your skills.

In addition, it is an opportunity to impress a potential employer using your intelligence and communication skills as well as to let them know you have experience for the job you are applying for. It is possible to do a whole lot with a decent cover letter for resume applications, so don’t forget to include one with every resume.

Writing A Cover Letter For Resume Success

A cover letter shouldn’t be too elaborate. Use same paper you used for your resume and plain white paper is perfectly fine. Also, you need to understand that a cover letter should always be typewritten.

Address your cover letter for resume recipients by name when possible, but don’t use titles like Mrs., etc if you’re not absolutely clear on their marital status – it’s considered offensive being misaddressed like this. Be sure you add the date on every job cover letter, plus your telephone number, which needs to be below your address on top of the letter. Use a neutral exit greeting like yours sincerely to end your letter, and use only black or blue ink to sign the cover letter if typewritten.

For the body of your content, cover letter format is very important; the information will be the heart of the matter. Mention right away, which position you are applying for along with the reference number in the job posting (if provided) and mention where you saw the posting. Something along the lines of “Please consider this letter my application for that position of  XYZ “creates a fantastic first line of a great cover letter for resumes which get read”.

The second paragraph is the space you make your case to the reader briefly. Tell them why you are applying to work for the firm, reason why you’re the best candidate for the job you are attempting to land, and you need to include anything that will help you differ from other applicants. For those who have held an identical position in the past, now is a good time for you to say it. This paragraph is the most important part of your cover letter for resume consideration.

The last paragraph should briefly close the letter. Tell the prospective employer when you’re able to meet for an interview and don’t ever make of use the word “if”. Exude confidence and assume that they will call you for an interview – since, you’ve just spent the last paragraph in the cover letter telling them you are perfect for the work.

That’s it; you’ve completed the cover letter! Remember not to staple your cover letter to your resume, make use of a paper clip instead and fold your job cover letter and resume together when you organize them in the envelope.

Keep in mind, the cover letter is your prelude to interviews. It leads the way for your resume and shows the employer that you took the time to customize it for their needs. Keep to the tips outlined here and employers will definitely read your resume before the rest.

As you can see it wasn’t a lot of work to figure out how to write a cover letter, was it?

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