How To Watch DSTV Free on Mobile Devices in Nigeria

You can watch DSTV free while moving around in your compatible cellular phones. The only requirement is you need to be a subscriber with a supported DSTV bouquet. All active DSTV subscribers can access DSTV Mobile totally free except for subscribers to DSTV Access. So as long as you pay your DSTV TV subscriptions, you may enjoy DSTV anywhere (within coverage area), anytime on cellular devices like handheld TV, tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc.

Watch TV on The Go

DSTV offer devices to enable you easily watch DSTV. Apply for the handheld TV called, Walka, which will come in 3.5-inch and 7-inch models you can also make use of the existing smart phone if it features a supported port. For instance, when you have any device with USB and runs Windows or Mac, you should use the DSTV Drifta USB to get in touch your device to DSTV Mobile.

Similarly, if the device supports Wi-Fi and runs Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, you can connect with DSTV Mobile using a DSTV Wi-Fi Drifta. The Wi-Fi drifta is the method preferred by connecting your tablets and smartphones to DSTV Mobile.

Watch as many as 16 DSTV channels free on DSTV mobile. Channels available include news, documentary, sports, music, movies, entertainment, etc.

To enjoy DSTV Mobile free on your smart phone, you need to link your cell phone to your DSTV TV subscription account. Search for a DSTV outlet to link your smart phone.

Interested users who do not subscribe to DSTV in the news can begin to play DSTV mobile. However, it’s not at all free for the children, though DSTV offers a few months free DSTV Mobile subscription, if you purchase a DSTV Smart phone from any of their authorized outlets in Nigeria. Monthly subscription varies from free (NTA & AIT) to 660 Naira (14 channels).

DSTV Mobile Coverage

As wonderful as DSTV Mobile could be, it’s not all available everywhere in Nigeria. You have to be positioned in a DSTV Mobile coverage place to take advantage of the service. In Nigeria, DSTV Mobile is just accessible in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Enugu, Onitsha, Asaba, Aba, Ibadan, and Benin. There is no guarantee that DSTV coverage will be super in the above listed cities.

So, whether free or paid, you ought to be within these cities listed above in order to access DSTV Mobile.

Good luck!

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