How To Use Search Console Feature of Yoast SEO Plugin

With what appears to be a new development in the ongoing relationship between the popular Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress and the giant search engine Google, the Yoast SEO plugin now features a fundamental integration with Internet Search Console. This integration comes with a new fundamental upgrade to the plugin (version 2.3) and without much of the introduction via email notification.

What can you do with the Search console of the Yoast SEO Plugin?

At this time, the data that’s pulled from Search Console through the Yoast SEO plugin is limited. It gives details of any error messages that have been generated when Googlebot visited your website last from different devices. That is a great move for Yoast, but this can be the beginning of what could be possible down the road as various types of data could be extracted by Yoast and used in SEO plugin.

I can imagine a time when the plugin can access the keyword list and perhaps backlinks from Search Console and then utilize those lists when you optimize your site content. At the moment, Yoast SEO plugin can only pull the page errors into WordPress to enable you to easily fix them.

There is also a paid version of the Yoast SEO plugin only available to premium customers. The feature allows you to create a redirect to repair 404 errors, which you can see all the links that are giving access error (404 error, soft 404 error, server access error; access denied error).

How can you use Search Console feature of the Yoast SEO plugin

In order to enable the new functionality in the Yoast SEO plugin, there are a few steps you can take. First, upgrade to the newest version of the plugin, which is version 5.3.

Then, inside your WordPress dashboard, navigate down to Yoast SEO and select “Search Console” from the plugin’s menu. Once you select Search Console, a new window should pop-up that will look like the image below.

yoast seo plugin for search engine optimization

Yoast SEO plugin


That’s where the Google integration starts. From the new window on your site dashboard, you should see a button that prompts you to click on it to be able to “Get Google Authentication Code”. As soon as you click the button it’ll open another popup that you need to accept the terms in order to move ahead.

Make sure that you’re signed into Google/your Chrome browser with the email that you used to get into the Google Search Console account that is associated with the website you’re working on or it will not work properly. It is always a good practice to make use of the same email to log into all Google products and also to integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics.

Yoast wordpress seo plugin

Yoast SEO plugin Authentication box


After that process, Google will provide you an authorization code. Copy the code and paste it into the box beside the “Authenticate” box in your WordPress site. Then, press the authenticate button.

Yoast SEO free seo tools

seo for wordpress


If the authentication is completed correctly, your Yoast SEO plugin should easily be connected to Google Search Console. In case, you manage a different site, you will be provided with a drop-down list of the sites you manage in order to select the right one to associate with the site you installed the plugin on.

wordpress seo plugin

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When you have selected the site of your choice, you should be able to check for any error messages from the Yoast/Internet Search Console integration. Don’t forget, this is an on-going process and you have to check this feature regularly to see the errors and able to fix the issues.

Let’s know if you have any questions with the new feature of the Yoast SEO plugin. If you need help setting yours up, feel free to drop a note below.

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