How to Successfully Complete the Nigerian Navy Application Form for Graduates

When I was out of college, I accomplished two things after I received my school diploma. I traveled to the United States to search for a job. Also, I applied to the Nigerian Navy, but my application was unsuccessful and I settled for a profession as an Accountant.

Even though, the Nigerian Navy recruitment program was advertised on the Navy website and the required forms were easily accessible on the internet; clearly I was able to complete the application without issues.

However, I know you’ll succeed in the on-coming Nigerian Navy recruitment 2015 and should be able to cruise in the high seas with the Nigerian Navy in Africa. Now, you may have some questions about the Nigerian Navy rank and salary? Possibly you are hoping to understand how the Nigerian Navy recruitment works or when the Nigerian Navy list would be out?

Every one of these questions and answers is provided below in a primary step-by-step guide for graduates wanting to join the Nigerian Navy Short Service.

Step 1: Are You Eligible?

The initial phase in this process is to check whether you meet the requirements of the Nigeria Navy for applicants to its Short Service program. There are instructions, age, and even height requirements. Technically, if you’re not up to 5’10, do not bother to apply to the Nigerian Navy Short Service program.

We’ll not update the requirements to be eligible to apply for the Nigerian Navy in this article because they can change from year to year. However, to find out about the Nigeria Navy recruitment eligibility, visit the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Website for the most recent information.

Step 2: Buy an E-Voucher

In the case that you have read this article this far, I am assuming there’s a chance you may be qualified. Congrats, but the hard work isn’t over yet. The next step on your plan of joining the Nigerian Navy is buying an E-Voucher on the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Website.

The E-Voucher cost 2,500 Naira in 2015, but the price may change every year. You can buy the E-Voucher by means of debit card on the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Website.

Step 3: Sign Up to the Portal

When you have purchased your E-Voucher, the next step is to sign up to the Nigerian Navy Short Service recruitment portal. This should be done effortlessly by entering your PIN and Serial Number on the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Website. These details should have been provided to you with your E-Voucher.

Step 4: Fill in the Application Form

You’re almost there. The penultimate step in the process is completing the Nigerian Navy application form online. This will require some effort, but it’s a required part of the process. There’s no mystery recipe to completing the application form. Notwithstanding, I can give two recommendations for filling out the recruitment form.

Firstly, be realistic and extremely honest. The Nigerian Navy’s site expresses that a candidate “suspected to have impersonated, manufactured or submitted a false document(s) might be disqualified from the recruitment exercise”. The recruiters in the naval force go through a large number of applications every year, thus they will have the capability to catch you easily.

Secondly, watch out for simple errors in spelling, grammar structure and so forth. There is nothing more disturbing for a recruiter seeing a lot of errors in an application form. Such blunders show messiness and that is not normal from the Nigeria’s finest naval force cadets!

 Step 5: The Aptitude Test

Once the application forms have been presented, the Nigerian Navy draws up a shortlist of candidates which will be published on its site. It typically takes around a week for the lists to be released and the exact dates ought to be posted on the naval force’s site. In case you’re one of the fortunate ones selected, you will be required to take an aptitude test in one of the large urban cities (i.e. Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and so on).

It is from this group of applicants that the cadets in the Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service program will be selected. You may be wondering again at this stage about the Nigerian Navy salary pattern. It’s a rule that you pay in the Nigerian Navy depends on your rank and experience.

We know that an ordinary cadet may hope to earn in the range of 50,000 Naira a month for the first year. Clearly, this amount may be higher if you are applying for a professional position, for example, a doctor, legal advisor, designer or minister.

In conclusion: If you’re a graduate applying for the Nigerian Navy in 2015 or 2016, we wish you the best of luck! Do you have anything to add to this article? Let’s know your tips for submitting the Navy recruitment form or how you can turn into a cadet in the Nigerian Navy.

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